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  2. Another brilliant song, from 1977.
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    This shows a passing cloud, (taken from a gif image, showing nothing in one and a dark shadow in the other). It appears that the drone is right near a brook, but when it launches l can promise we won't see it, (probably why they delayed the launch, wait til it stops). Close up shows the drone on the left in this reflective rock, rover further back and a blue/white or cloudy sky. This also shows that the ground is damp, (rover tracks). This is the original one, as bad as it is from the second image. Don't expect any big announcements from this one, apart from
  5. Very hard to find an original music video by this artist, that isn't some less than perfect live version, but here is one, (the details say that it is).
  6. Ran a Earth, Wind and Fire search, and was hesitant to post the thrashed hits, but here is a good song and lost hit. Ok, l am a sucker for trumpets...
  7. Not really a Cher fan, but this one, probably at the start of her career, stands out.
  8. I have to admit l don't even remember this one, (and very hard to find from the YT comments) but a good music score and fun film clip, from 1984.
  9. Saw this in the store today, and even though l already have another one lined up, (Immortals, above) this may be next. Some of the best graphics l have seen for the Switch, (l always like later release games, as they figure out how to max out the processor and games look more impressive). This is giving PS5 a run for its money, (which is saying something).
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  11. Looks like something crawled down, probably a beetle since the track ends. Another sunset, with some of the clouds looking rain bearing.
  12. This is a real memory jerker, from 1970, enjoy.
  13. This is what the TGA, (Therapeutics and Goods Administration) has said about publicly saying that this jab is safe, in Australia https://www.tga.gov.au/sites/default/files/auspar-chadox1-s-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca-210215-pi.pdf Read this from start to finish and it is just a "covering our arses" report, not "this is very, very safe", (direct quote). If any one in AU, knows someone hell bent on the jab, print this out and hand it to them first, might save their life, or limb.
  14. Ran the Babys, phew, they did have a few hit songs, here you go.
  15. Doesn't get any dumber than this. This is up there with mass media telling everyone to jump off a bridge, because it is goof for your health.
  16. More like Police Academy.
  17. https://newtube.app/user/King_Nosmo/Yv76saP?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=27ce31c184b95bd7d1a0ef04e18397de202a2789-1616729687-0-AXN6KsXoIoCEoA1CGLdXkBpxU77xjgwT9L_cP6vHWQA0XI2hEH6DqflNlWj89U-dichFgFTcovEHocoMbWp6OOD9JR8DHBtFf9XnelmMZasxUW9PF2UTmiwe6858fpB0nhNx_KOGpTXgcV98oJU6O20YSk-Mbkod92WWIesQYcFNis6-bs46X22rxKCwxBKGcUA0fiA_lhLBM9QUK2InwZTYzxaYOorP9XjRmAym4wKnxLuAZIYm6lWK7s07k0jMvn6XRg_FxHE5Cz2PlEZ83xm9nOuMuqkiolBpp7BaRUxDrkoapVvWMFFO6Pm13hQiDT-wgtcZbl8SWL5IYisbGruAOgV2zHar3puFomzI0pcX This is per all users worldwide, although some are country specific. http://www.vernoncoleman.com/main.htm
  18. Yep, and it is good. Worth the price of admission, (ignore the idiot critic reviews).
  19. tmcom


    Same old bag of tricks from NASA. You will notice when he says, true color for the panorama, which is an outright lie. This shows the true color and fake. Then we have the landing and what Mars actually looks like on the monitor in the other room. Then we have Curiosity's landing 10 years ago, same monitor same true color, and same show the public the BS orange landscape one. This was taken from the video footage before NASA stripped this from all of their videos, even ones other networks played, and we are supposed to think that nothing i
  20. Agreed, we need to ignore these nutters and move on.
  21. This isn't tin foil hat anymore.
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