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  2. Don't worry this wont be something like, "My mission statement is that gladiator slaves go into an arena with a couple of starved lions, and see what happens"! The legit one is quoted below....
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  4. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-confirms-evidence-that-liquid-water-flows-on-today-s-mars Salty water, under ice at the poles in summertime, (groan) but still. If Mars has salty water, then it may have salty lakes, and lakes so big they could be classified as oceans. Oceans, forms clouds, etc! I know NASA will never go this far, but the possibility it there, and as we know from the other thread, it is not speculation.
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  6. And all my life l thought that these feathered friends where real? I know, someone needs to tell this guy that he is nuts, or at least slap him about a bit, (either way works).
  7. Interesting image, showing distant blue mountains and things sticking up inbetween the rovers and hills, (pretty obvious from some of the details that they are not rocks). And this, (not the rover or shadows of the rover) showing scraggly, green things everywhere, (if you want to see what alien plant life looks like, here you go).
  8. Favorite hobby? Seeing how far lemmings will go before they realize that there is a cliff.
  9. The battery as part of the car, hmm, l guess that means you have to ditch the car every 10 years, (my current car is 30 years old).
  10. Just watched it, Back to The Future 2 on steriods is the best way to describe this one, well worth a look, (just released on DVD). And yeah the pig is cute.
  11. More sunsets, or it looks like a sunset on Earth, but clouds with dark undersides are also present, (rain-bearing).
  12. And another Robert Plant hit from 82.
  13. Mars sun setting, with dotted things on the landscape, (plants) and right, looks intentional. Mars sun setting , with NASA's all blue sunset, fading into,...never mind.
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  15. I know we have heard this one quite a lot, but the filmclip is so clever, l had to show it here. Enjoy. From the 80's.
  16. http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2014/images/05/16/dod.zombie.apocalypse.plan.pdf
  17. We tend to have sour grapes here. [Satire/black humor] Yes, Dans double standards, or if Australians are in quarantine and break it, then they cop a 25k fine, and a $1,630 fine if they get too close to anyone, and so forth. But if a Afgan, does likewise, and dobs their family in, nothing! Or it seems that Afgans or BLM protestors are immune to Covid, or are key voters for Dan the Destroyer, (latest nickname).
  18. Ignore testing as well, it is there for political gain or ideological leverage!
  19. Outland, 198,...something, can't beat the classics.
  20. Great read, although the last part about Vaccines, is more speculative than factual. https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-two-chinese-boys-die-face-masks-gym-class-20200507-ruyinz7czjbqde3tprx647q3dm-story.html These are the two boys in the article who died after running and wearing a mask.
  21. Bottom, what appears to be a landscape of plants, and top, (l thought that this might be rock carvings, but later realized that it is the rover, red arrow) and also thought that the things on the right where stand alone plants, (blue arrow) but after a lot of studying they are unfortunately the rovers wheels and support frame.
  22. http://online.anyflip.com/inblw/ufbs/mobile/index.html You can make this full screen but cannot download it. But it, (after a quick glance) tends to give all of he facts about this virus. I would advise everyone to read this, and ignore politicians and media.
  23. I wasn't going to post this, but this guy is so funny, had to, (l cannot believe that someone would vote for him)? So if you don't vote for him, your house will burn down, (he doesn't mention if an arsonist will light the match)? His campaign is going from strength to strength.
  24. Time for some INXS. Two of my favorites. Three.
  25. Plants top, middle and bottom. Another sunset, (l can only see orange/cream clouds).
  26. Apologies for the quality, but near impossible to find this one anymore.
  27. I was about 12 back then and missed this start since our train was late, but that was ok, l saw it another 7 times.
  28. Last one, Wall Street 2, which was set in 2007, (movie was made in 2010) with strong parallels with present day. Although l love Tesla more than Blue steel, lol.
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