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  1. Hey TM, intensely busy at the moment but I wanted to squeeze in a post . Here's my take. I'm quite sure now that Trump will win the next fours years. Question, have you read into any of the rumors about a program so named "Project Looking Glass?" I wanted to get your comments on this very strange "Time Travel Contraption" Hope to do more when the smoke clears.... Cheer's, Mal
  2. yes, even younger. 3d glasses are cheap enough on Amazon and worth every penny, https://www.amazon.com.au/Artibetter-Glasses-Cinema-Viewing-Without/dp/B07SPKQK6Q/ref=sr_1_25?dchild=1&keywords=3d+anaglyph+glasses&qid=1604416374&refinements=p_n_prime_domestic%3A6845357051&rnid=6963563051&sr=8-25
  3. TM, I've been studying the Martian surface for over 7 years and from my perspective at least, there is life on this planet and intelligent too, there Zero chance, "in my mind", that would convince me otherwise. I would like the opportunity to exhibit my findings if that's OK with you of course? However, what I highly recommend though, is to find yourself a pair of Red/Cyan 3D glasses. Mars in 3D is fantastic, you'll be wondering why you haven't a found a pair sooner. Oh and BTW, I'm really an easy, polite person, so please don't read my posts on UM as typical. cheers! Malcolm
  4. Hey TM, we have posted many discussion points on the New Mars Forum evidence which indicates to my eyes at least, that the NASA "corner office crowed" have been covering up evidence for decades. That's not to say, all are complicit in the cover-up, they are not. But academia is very effective, in choosing the right people who wish nothing more to stay within the walls of their profession. Mars does have a far denser atmosphere than we have been taught to believe from birth. The planet in dust red and very dead with an atmosphere so thin, it's quite impossible to breath. And if that's not enough, the radiation will undoubtedly kill you within hours ! These conclusions are wrong IMO. About a year ago, i found this incredible image of the Martian globe with pretty decent resolution. So, I decided to take a viewer right up to the very edge of the atmosphere...for a close look! They are not clouds, but a continuous thick atmosphere circulating the globe! As always, viewed best in the highest resolution your bandwidth can handle. This is a slow moving video in order to see the many forms and undulations in the surface. This video was banned on UM.
  5. I have a sneaking feeling, the day after the US election, this covid thing, is going to some how, just fizzle away.
  6. M-Albion


    Oh shoot, I hope I didn't say anything to upset people??
  7. M-Albion


    Well did you see that? Trump crushing that gangster Biden...what a high! Love it love it love it! Wait and see what's in store for him now with that new evidence that just surfaced ...Lock him up and that other band of Deep State cronies.
  8. OK, got it, thanks for that. Goodnight and speak soon, pleasant dreams.
  9. Hey, I just received a notification (11 mins ago) from you but when I went to where your post should be, your post is nowhere to be found, very odd. May be a glitch?
  10. Yes, i did see Spacenut is here, that's great, he's great addition and super smart, I look forward to picking his brain. Yep do agree, we need good skepticism, in my mind, sometimes it not what you have to say but the way you say it. Something they do not promote on UM. I've been using Imageshack for quite sometime now, it's silky smooth but has a great feature in allowing the user to select about from 10 image sizes to post from instead of having to resize yourself, which is good for me believing in the old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" . Besides, I had a Thalamic stroke about 8 months back and since then, I need to work hard at using both hands efficiently. Yes for sure, we need to keep the posts to stay "on topic" and not dilute the thread. I'll be sure to keep this in mind. Love all the forum titles here, you nailed it! Also, I love the mission statement. I too believe in good evidence and not wild speculation! Cheers! Mal Oh btw, I'm on US Pacific time zone, what yours?
  11. Just checked and there doesn't seem to be an edit button so I can clean the post after it's posted, are you aware of that?
  12. Hey Tmcom, Let me put this to you straight, I agree with our position, vis-a-vis NASA and their position regrading water, clouds and atmosphere 100%! I too have a membership over at New Mars Forum (great site btw) and have followed your work there every time I logged on and will be connecting with you on your new site for sure. So keep an eye out. So you saw what happened to me at UM? UM has got to be the absolute worst discussion forum I've ever encountered, just incredibly obnoxious people! Anyway, I like Mars and have done so for about even years (with any focus) and very keen to post my work with supporting NASA and ESA images. I hope that's alright with you? Could you let me know on that point? Until them, cheers! MAL
  13. ABA Loot lee. Love is the drug ore me too! here's one where I show my age
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