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  1. Hello, You say go to "top and click STAFF", on my screen there is no "STAFF" text presented to click. And then "top or bottom of page", again there is no text. Per recommendation when I first joined, I did read "Newbies Start Here", those instructions reveal same problem. However, at the very bottom of this page, in the center is clickable text, "Contact Us". Thanks...plutronus
  2. Hi, How does one send comments to the moderator? Thanks in advance, plutronus
  3. Hi, It is taught in both Mystical Qabalah, Zorastrian, Ayrevedic based spiritual doctrines that people who are conscious in both the physical (Hebrew = Asiyah) and the Astral (Sanskrit = Hbr = Yetzirah), are generally clairvoyant, are psychic, and are able to see the recently departed eg., 'ghosts' (often just 'thought atmospheres' or vibratory reflections of Nephesh (Hbr = soul), among other things which depending on how deeply into Yetzirah one might be conscious, are able to see elementals and creatures in the side columns, Reptilians, Dragons, as well as the end of the paths watchers,
  4. Hello, A very good book written by the then Department Chair of Physics, prof of physics for the University of Missouri, Harley Rutledge, titled, "Project Identification: The first scientific field study of UFOs". Dr. Rutledge very thoroughly covers the topic of lens flare, which often creates optical artifacts misidentified as being unseen at time of photo, thought to be ET objects. Then he describes his experience with his grad students during a UAP flap in their area, and the processes which he and his students performed in their field study of these enigmatic objects. In hi
  5. Hello, I have read a lot of sighting reports, I stopped counting around 5,000 and have seen thousands of photos of purported ET objects, mostly posted on West German websites. The German scientific community isn't intransitive to ET presence and as such are actively scientifically studying all the forms of ET exhibitions. Too bad the InterNet is broken, most of the good information is on the censored European InterNet, in my opinion. Ad rem, back to the point of the post, the photo above is likely a hoax, in my opinion. There are too many appendages on the bottom. Every authentic UAP
  6. Hi, Personally I feel that the above poorly researched utoob video is disinformation, whether intentional or accidental. I have personally seen a non-military RV student perform multiple accurate RVing. That person, whom I am not at liberty to reveal was a member of Dr. Steven Greer's UAP CSETI organization. She claimed that she 'invented' CSETI Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS) which was used to 'invite' alien craft to locations of viewing by CSETI members. I courted her to join my secret scientific UAP research group to participate in a scientific UAP communication experiment tha
  7. Hi, Newbie here. I apologize, this is not in scope of the discussion thread. I have some experience with CoVid. My wife and I just had the virus. I was very sick, at home all of January. My wife did not show any major symtoms, aside from vocal hoarseness(sp?). I had all the symptoms aside from coughing, although my lungs hurt. I was so sick that I could only stagger out of bed, walk a few feet and sit down to recover, to use the bathroom, refill water bottles, etc. Could not eat. Was like that for about 3 weeks. Friends of mine talked me into purchasing an online Drs CoVid Virus the
  8. I'm a newbie here. Back in March 2020, I was trying to find an over the nose 'respirator mask' for a friend of mine. I have one of those masks. It employs a valve, (all parts replaceable) two HEPA filter cartridges and two circular filter disc cartridges. It is used in various applications. While searching the 3M website, I stumbled upon a scientific study by 3M scientists, written in 2004. The pdf document describes viruses, their typical sizes, and the effectiveness of the various 3M cartridges for filtering out those type particles. In summary masks filter in various manners, one form
  9. Six days ago, my wife of 40 years was driving around in her scooter, watching TV, getting bananas out of the fridge, etc. Last night, while I was talking with her at 3:17AM, Feb 10, 2021, in a hospice bed in my home, she passed away from CoVid. Please, be very careful, wash your hands, wear that stupid mask, UV everything that comes in through the mail, take no chances. It kills elderly people. The only reason I survived, was due to friends who talked me into acquiring a special CoVid kit from an online Dr group, who sent me a kit with hydrochloroquine, the medicine that Pr Trump was
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