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  1. Hello, You say go to "top and click STAFF", on my screen there is no "STAFF" text presented to click. And then "top or bottom of page", again there is no text. Per recommendation when I first joined, I did read "Newbies Start Here", those instructions reveal same problem. However, at the very bottom of this page, in the center is clickable text, "Contact Us". Thanks...plutronus
  2. Hi, How does one send comments to the moderator? Thanks in advance, plutronus
  3. Hi, It is taught in both Mystical Qabalah, Zorastrian, Ayrevedic based spiritual doctrines that people who are conscious in both the physical (Hebrew = Asiyah) and the Astral (Sanskrit = Hbr = Yetzirah), are generally clairvoyant, are psychic, and are able to see the recently departed eg., 'ghosts' (often just 'thought atmospheres' or vibratory reflections of Nephesh (Hbr = soul), among other things which depending on how deeply into Yetzirah one might be conscious, are able to see elementals and creatures in the side columns, Reptilians, Dragons, as well as the end of the paths watchers, which are all Angels (Hbr) which are all Drakko Reptilians. There is more going on than most Humans are capable of comprehending. As for science, that is tricky matter. Most Ph.D.s desire to be thought of as that of the public's belief that scientists are the supreme understanders of everything, a coveted status of intelligence, when in reality most Ph.D.s are just better trained engineers, and are no more intelligent than the average plumber, truck driver or secretary, in my experience, but what stands Ph.D.s apart from those honerable positions and skill sets, is the quality of their ability to remember things, eg., 'memory', and they have been trained how to do studies and document what they find, the latter are both learnable skills. I work with Ph.D.s and most are dumb as bricks but they remember everything. Same state of condition exists regarding most medical doctors, and are generally not very good in doing aside from collecting money, but they have great memories and can pass the tests. While an authentic 'scientist' however is cut from a different cloth, its not the training but how they think. It is a quality with which they are born. They think in special ways. They deduce and solve problems differently than ordinary Ph.D.s and everyone else also. It is interesting to realize just how many scientists through out history were not academically trained yet discovered and documented much of the world's taken now for granted knowledge. Leonardo Di Vinci comes to mind and Benjamin Franklin is another. Both of those scientist were born. Authentic scientist become quiet when presented with matters of mystery. Those who run their mouths, who offer opinions upon presentation of information are generally not working the problem. Regarding the supposed skepticism of 'scientists' regarding non-local events, such as ghosts, that is a changing matter. Ph.D.s are often the skeptics, but remember that most Ph.D.s are industrial engineers and that their work is not involve phenomenon research or studies. They are also, often the first to vocalize a negative opinion. Sir Issac Newton, once said, regarding his study of Astrology, the reason he became a mathematician, in reply to a negative comment by another mathematician regarding the "poppy-cock" Astrology, Newton retorted, "Sir, you have not studied the subject!" And such is true of most industrial 'scientists'. There are scientists studying non-local quantum events, known in street parlance as telepathy, Remote-Viewing, telekinesis, psychokinesis, Astral-Projection (also technically known as "Bi-Location"), future prediction, and psychic visions. One such scientist is Dr. Roger Nelson, a multiple discipline, multiple Ph.D. scientist. One of his mentors was Robert Jahn, director of the Princeton Anomally Research Center, Princeton University. Together they studied psychics and psychic phenomena at Princeton. Employing extraordinary protocols (to squelch academic skeptics), they studied psychic to determine if they could actually predict future events. One dominent strategy used was having a psychic attempt to predict the result of a random number generator. It is actually quite difficult to create a truly random number generator that does not repeat. Random number generators often employ a 'seed', which exhibits many digits, before it repeats which the skeptics claim is the reason that psychics are 'predicting' the numbers generate. Eventually, scientist developed a truly random event generator, "reg", that utilized a Brian Josephson Field Effect Transistor, reverse biased to drive the band-gap apart, then amplifying the Brownian Noise (White noise, eg., pink noise with 12 dB roll-off), to a larger level so that it may be squared up (converting from analog to digital format) using a hard-limiter, and then squirt it our via a serial port for usage. Over time they miniaturized the micro-reg. They used this micro-reg to continue testing psychics. Using this gadget, which became named "Mind-Song", they discovered that psychics were not just predicting random numbers generated but that the Mind-Song was sensing the psychic's intention. What this all means is that the Mind-Song was the world's first electronic psychic sensor, a psionic device. It is interesting to note, that ghost hunters also have accidentally discovered a psychic sensor. In that story, in past years, before the invention of large solid-state memory, flash, etc, ghost hunters often utilized a tape recorder which they would set on some table, plug in a microphone, turn the gain all the way up and then leave the room. The tape recorder would then record any sounds in the room all night. Playing back the tape listening for ghost messages. One ghost hunter, set up the tape recorder, turned the gain the microphone gain to maximum, but forgot to jack in the microphone. And still they recorded ghost messages. What actually happened? The tape recorder amplifier recorded the Brownian noise in the amplifier, which is white noise. Today there are many white noise sensors being used by ghost hunters. There is even an automatic white noise to verbal decoding of the white noise into Human languages. It seems that white noise, or chaos, is somehow connected to the Astral-plane/Yetzirah. In any case there are scientists who are studying the application of white noise for the purpose of predicting future events. One such effort was engineered by Dr. Roger Nelson which he and his team mates named the "Global Consciousness Project" which utilizes Mind-Song mircro-reg sensors distributed around the globe, hooked up to the serial ports of PCs running the Linux operating system. The Mind-Song sensors sense the 'noosphere' a phrase used by Nelson to describe the intelligence of the planetary consciousness. The Mind-Song connected Linux periodically upload their sensor data to the global data center operated by the Global Consciousness Project. https://noosphere.princeton.edu/ The Defense Intelligence Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, are all using the "chaos" of the InterNet to predict future events, which they refer to as the "buzz". This technology has both negative and positive applications. There is more happening than the public realizes. It is now likely, in my opinion, that there are electronic, psionic machines that can also 'see', eg., detect ghosts. plutronus
  4. Hello, A very good book written by the then Department Chair of Physics, prof of physics for the University of Missouri, Harley Rutledge, titled, "Project Identification: The first scientific field study of UFOs". Dr. Rutledge very thoroughly covers the topic of lens flare, which often creates optical artifacts misidentified as being unseen at time of photo, thought to be ET objects. Then he describes his experience with his grad students during a UAP flap in their area, and the processes which he and his students performed in their field study of these enigmatic objects. In his excellent book, he describes his discovery of pseudo-stars, UAP that position themselves over houses all night long, posing as night time stars, and also, a few of his personal experiences regarding 'orbs' or as I name these objects for my convenience, luminous-orbs. There are essential two very prominent types of UAP that Humans are seeing, discs and disc-orbs which are discs observed in low light surrounded in a very high energy laminar coronal ensheathment which appears as a ball of light, and often misidentified as being an 'orb' and luminous-orbs, (nocturnal light phenomenon, corpse-candles, Marfa Lights, thousands of names throughout the centuries for these objects), which small self-luminous (day or night) spheres, ranging in size from a few milimeters up to around 1,5 meter. My primary UAP study interest regards all aspects of luminous-orbs. The NEETS (Near Earth ET Studies) scientific community considers luminous-orbs to be a primary form of UAP exhibition. In mine and other investigators experience, luminous-orbs behave intelligently, are quasi-physical, can appear in dreams, are telepathic, and exhibit bi-location (info from the Moscow Institute for Advanced Studies, Vladimir Zharakov Ph.D.). The luminous-orb I saw on my driveway in daylight was quasi-physical and appeared partially in my mind's eye, as well as visually. It communicated with me telepathically in a series of mini-visions. I tracked down Dr. Rutledge and spoke with him numerously on the phone. He believed that luminous-orbs are the down in the neighborhood monitors, something like intelligent drones. Although the luminous-orb I saw on the driveway (I've had other contacts with these objects), I sensed the intelligence of the object telepathically, it could have been a remotely controlled object. Whatever these objects are, they are a major element of the ET presence here on Earth, in our mutual opinion. Get the book, it is a fascinating read with many interesting observations written by a careful and thorough open minded scientist in his journey of ET investigation. plutronus
  5. Hello, I have read a lot of sighting reports, I stopped counting around 5,000 and have seen thousands of photos of purported ET objects, mostly posted on West German websites. The German scientific community isn't intransitive to ET presence and as such are actively scientifically studying all the forms of ET exhibitions. Too bad the InterNet is broken, most of the good information is on the censored European InterNet, in my opinion. Ad rem, back to the point of the post, the photo above is likely a hoax, in my opinion. There are too many appendages on the bottom. Every authentic UAP that I have either seen or saw in verified photos, the bottoms were devoid of appendages. It is commonly believed by the Near Earth ET Studies (NEETS) scientific community that disc class UAP, use programmable nano-metal to shape the bottom of the craft for the precisely controlled emissions of high energy EMF fields. All the appendages on the bottom of the photo prevent that beam shaping. The UAP bottoms are shape programmable waveguides. There are very good quality videos which are not in the public domain that clearly reveal that discs also are often the creators of 'crop-circles', using the beam. Also, it is believed that discs do not generate anti-gravity, but rather, at least within the Earthian globesphere, utilize extremely powerful mono-polar electromagnetic field for levitation. Bruce Macabee, retired US Naval Research Laboratory, Directed Energy Weapons Directorate, high energy optical physcist, has performed studies of UAP landing events. One of his peer reviewed scientific papers, via the JSE printed by the SSE (Society for Scientific Exploration, and their Journal for Scientific Exploration), JSE open access articles by scientist Bruce Maccabee, details the craft's usage of a mono-polar magnetic field, that was so powerful, that it magnetized the surrounding trees. SSE: (Society for Scientific Exploration) plutronus
  6. Hi, Personally I feel that the above poorly researched utoob video is disinformation, whether intentional or accidental. I have personally seen a non-military RV student perform multiple accurate RVing. That person, whom I am not at liberty to reveal was a member of Dr. Steven Greer's UAP CSETI organization. She claimed that she 'invented' CSETI Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS) which was used to 'invite' alien craft to locations of viewing by CSETI members. I courted her to join my secret scientific UAP research group to participate in a scientific UAP communication experiment that I designed, engineered and fabricated. Her Remote Viewing skills were very impressive. She was a student of Buchannan and she knew everyone that were retired military RVer's. Including PSI Tech's Ed Dammes. The above video is typical of disinformation that is designed to cast doubt on the effectiveness of Remote Viewing, in my opinion. The RVing that I've seen others perform, is incredibly accurate. But one must be trained properly to perform well. Something that is almost never mentioned, in any video that I have seen,, is that to aide the entrance into the psychic states, by trainees, the usage of an apparatus. The psychic states of the brain, as discoverd by the Monroe Institute, is neural theta rythm, but one must experience a sequence of prior rythms to enter theta rythm. One way to achieve that state is the usage of the Bin Aural Brain Wave Generator, which was a program written by a C programmer who was studying artificial strategies for entering Khundalini Rise. He warns people to not use his program to do so, if they have not yet Spritually ready to enter Khundalini Rise. All of the military RV training centers utilized Monroe apparatus for entering the theta rythm psychic states, until such time the student was able to enter the state naturally. Did you notice that there was virtually no mention of SRI or quantum physicist Hal Puthoff or Ingo Swan? Or the fact that the project was originated by a DARPA research contract? Hal Puthoff 'invented' Remote Viewing, as it was he that developed the strategy of how to discriminate the signal from the noise. The problem with street psychics is that they attain the signal line, and then don't know when to shut up. They slip out of Yetzirah back into Asiyah, lose the signal line, but the brain keeps babbling BS. plutrons
  7. Hi, Newbie here. I apologize, this is not in scope of the discussion thread. I have some experience with CoVid. My wife and I just had the virus. I was very sick, at home all of January. My wife did not show any major symtoms, aside from vocal hoarseness(sp?). I had all the symptoms aside from coughing, although my lungs hurt. I was so sick that I could only stagger out of bed, walk a few feet and sit down to recover, to use the bathroom, refill water bottles, etc. Could not eat. Was like that for about 3 weeks. Friends of mine talked me into purchasing an online Drs CoVid Virus therapy kit, $750, which I bought. I did not adminster any of it to my wife, as she did not seem to be as sick me. The main medicine was hydrochloroquine, which I belived saved me, as when I started taking the meds, I started recovering. A week later, I was able to get out of bed, eat a little, and my beloved wife of 40 years, she was scootering around watching TV, getting snacks out of the fridge. Then suddenly she became lethargic, and was having difficulty swallowing. I paid an urgent care company to have a nurse come to my house to administer a so-called "Rapid Test", which revealed that my wife and I were CoVid negative, eg., not sick with CoVid. I got a Z-Pack for both my wife and I, as I thought we were just sick with some unknown flu. My wife two days later, I called 911, the Los Angeles Fire Department emergency ambulance transported her to a major hospital where she was diagnosed with advanced stage CoVid. Last night, while I was talking with her, just before administering another dose of morphine, she passed away at 3:17am, 2-10-2021. CoVid paralyzed her throat muscles. She could not swallow anything. She died from dyhdration and starvation in a morphine induced coma, administered by me, provided by the Los Angeles health officials. So you say what you want about the vaccines, I'll take my chances, as soon as I can get a shot. Rather than take another chance with CoVid. It is a really nasty disease. Wash your hands, wear that stupid mask, UV everything, stay away from people who hob-nob with with other people and then maybe, you won't get it. sadly, plutronus
  8. I'm a newbie here. Back in March 2020, I was trying to find an over the nose 'respirator mask' for a friend of mine. I have one of those masks. It employs a valve, (all parts replaceable) two HEPA filter cartridges and two circular filter disc cartridges. It is used in various applications. While searching the 3M website, I stumbled upon a scientific study by 3M scientists, written in 2004. The pdf document describes viruses, their typical sizes, and the effectiveness of the various 3M cartridges for filtering out those type particles. In summary masks filter in various manners, one form 'captures' the particle in the interior fibres of the cartridge, while another, redirects the particle, preventing it from entering air-stream through the filter. The 3M mask and associated components actually would capture the Corona Virus particle, not because the filter is able to capture the actual virus, but because the virus is suspended in little globuals of body water, which is large enough for the filter fibres to capture. The masks that many people are wearing, are incapable of capturing the virus in its suspension, but may actually prevent, if properly worn and manufactured, from entering the air-stream into the wearers lungs, simply by redirecting the stream. Others they don't work, because the virus is too small for the spacing between the fibres of the mask. plutronus ps, Sadly, my wife of 40 years passed away from CoVid last night (2-10-2021, 3:17am) while I was talking with her, just before my administering another dose of hospice care morphine. CoVid paralyzed her throat muscles, so she could not swallow anything. She died of starvation and dehydration in a morphine coma, which I adminstered. I have no idea how we contracted CoVid, wore masks, washed hands, stayed home for a year?? I survived, I'm 15 yrs younger than she is and I had hydrochloroquine pills.
  9. Six days ago, my wife of 40 years was driving around in her scooter, watching TV, getting bananas out of the fridge, etc. Last night, while I was talking with her at 3:17AM, Feb 10, 2021, in a hospice bed in my home, she passed away from CoVid. Please, be very careful, wash your hands, wear that stupid mask, UV everything that comes in through the mail, take no chances. It kills elderly people. The only reason I survived, was due to friends who talked me into acquiring a special CoVid kit from an online Dr group, who sent me a kit with hydrochloroquine, the medicine that Pr Trump was beat up by the media. It saved me, but I did not give any to my, as I did not realize that she too was sick with CoVid. Neither of us coughed. Sadly, plutronus
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