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  1. Seeing and hearing is up to the spirit ect,thay are almost certainly around at any given time but what ive learned over time the more time you are with them ie in the same home, the more in tune you become with them 👍
  2. i take no notice of sceptics,a sceptic is no longer one when it happens too them,ive known a few who have changed there opinion,its mainly due to a lack of understanding, i can understand there opinion !
  3. 1619558306098.mp4 1619558306098.mp4 1619558306098.mp4 1619558306098.mp4 ive lived with elizabeth for over 8 months now this is just one of the videos ive caught her on,ive got to know her on a personal level and know she is 26yrs old and from the 17th century and she was born and lived on the land i now live on,i know all this because we can actually speak too each other just like normal people do,and interact with each other some of the things i will post at a ltr date will change your idea,s of the afterlife i will begin with the history of the area were i live k.u.hull UK, castlehill,kestrel ave.so for now im compiling all the information evidence ect for posting it may take awhile but do let me know your thoughts on the video !
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