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  1. The Curiosity rover had managed to collect 32 Martian rock samples by using a drill attached to robotic arm. Perseverance rovere mission still keeps searching for signs of past life on the red planet by analyzing the chemical, mineral, physical and organic characteristics of the rocks.
  2. The 3d printing technology that is used in space exploration area is called Additive manufacturing services. This machine allows to print multi-composite parts simultaneously. Moreover, the third stage for Xl rocket is made with the help of Additive manufacturing services. This piece of information made me really staggered https://www.skyrora.com/additive
  3. Another interesting point to be discussed. This point is about the 3D printing technology which is used in the aerospace area. Have you heard anything about that? This machine allows printing multi-composite parts simultaneously from several materials, which is infeasible in other types of aerospace 3d printing.
  4. Yeah, expanding our knowledge in space exploration area this is genuinely the purpose that must be always followed. However, I consider there is one issue that can hinder space exploration campaign. I am talking about space debris that became an issue all around the globe for all space agencies.
  5. I don't think that moon mining might influence the gravitation. However, I should mention another issue you`ve mentioned related to space. It is space junk. The big number of space junk can damage expensive spacecrafts The growing number of space items can lead to the state where he object density is so high that one collision is enough to generate a cascade effect, leading to further collisions.
  6. In a few words this is rather good and interesting project. I is already used by some private space agencies. Land observation satellite it`s rather useful technology that can help scientists to observe some areas in order to take part in the environmental preservation campaign. It`s much better than colonizing Venus with some floating platforms. https://www.skyrora.com/blog/tag/space-technology
  7. A few words about the exploration of Venus. NASA wants to start colonizing campaign of Venus with the help of floating platforms. Personally, I consider the colonization of Venus a useless idea. Who wants to live in a flotilla above a totally inhospitable environment? I mean if it were the only option for survival then yes, otherwise not worth it. Also completely unworkable from a colonization perspective. To be a colony it needs to have a significant if not total ability to be independent. There is no way that some flotilla in the atmosphere of Venus can supply its own raw material needs for manufacturing as mining the surface of Venus would be well beyond what a flotilla environment could manage. Perhaps might be feasible and reasonable for NASA or the like to put a floating research station there with rotating crews and regular supply runs, but that would be about it. IMO NASA puts out silly things like this just to keep the public's interest in space so they can continue to get funding. All pipe dream nonsense, but it captures the public's imagination. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7A0O_4J5LE
  8. There is one theory about Proxima B. Some interesting ideas about Proxima B must be mentioned. Some scientists claim that this exoplanet might be the second Earth. What do you think about that? Although, another group of scientists consider Proxima B as only the closest planet to Earth outside of our system and there is no reason to consider that this makes it life-supporting. I`d like to hear what do you think about this point. I hope that such technology like James Webb space telescope or Ariel space telescope will help us in finding some new exoplanets and give more hints where life can exists. https://www.skyrora.com/blog/uk-space-news
  9. The universe is very large and it has many galaxies and some of them can contain planets where some forms of life can exist. Moreover, some scientists claim that the second Earth might be found. I want to mention is that Earth's atmosphere not only gives us O2 but also saves us from the harmful rays of the sun. This is also very rare, none of the planets in the solar system has that kind of atmosphere. There are many other things that may extinct all life on Earth but are not happening because the Earth is, the way it is(example: Earth's magnetic property) Soo, the chance might be not high.
  10. With over a hundred billion galaxies in the universe. It is hard for me to believe that there is not at least one other solar system with life. Especially, when some scientists claim that they have already found some exoplanets that can be like Earth.
  11. leon88


    I wnna add some news related to Perseverance Mars mission. The 11th flight of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, which will happen no earlier than Wednesday night, Aug. 4. The mission profile is designed to stay ahead of the rover – supporting its future science goals in the “South Séítah” region, where it will be able to gather aerial imagery in support of future Perseverance Mars rover surface operations in the area.
  12. The Tianwen missions aim to explore Mars’s internal structure, geology, and of course search for the signs of life. Zhurong rover is a part of this mission that aims to study the topology, analyze soil, atmosphere, and survey minerals, rocks, and other elements it’ll find. Zhurong has several instruments, such as a climate station, ground-penetrating radar, magnetic field detector, and several cameras. However, I haven't heard any news from this chinese mission
  13. Before sending the Starship to Mars, Space X is going to make the moon mission with the Starship. SpaceX Starship will officially be the single solution for the first lunar landing mission under NASA’s Artemis program to return to the Moon.This comes after the US GAO backed the decision to use Starship as the lander, stating it didn’t break any laws with the selection. The space agency first announced its decision to land astronauts on the Moon with SpaceX in April, but legal protests from the Blue Origin-led National Team and Dynetics halted progress for the contract.
  14. leon88


    I`d like to mention another Mars rover mission that will be launched in 2022. The main purposes of that mission are to explore the surface of the red planet and to look for some forms of life and traces of them. This mission is called Rosalind Franklin Mars rover mission and it will be sent by the European Space Agency https://www.skyrora.com/blog/uk-space-news
  15. One private space company invented and manufactures a special type of rocket which is called a hybrid rocket. This kind of rocket is used in small launches like delivering microsatellites in the orbit. this type of rocket is uncrewed and guided and is used for the test in microgravity conditions.
  16. Scientists from one space company figured out how to remake plastic waste into rocket fuel that has already been successfully tested. This type of rocket fuel can be used in some small launches like delivering microsatellites and so on... The new type of fuel for rockets might be another step towards solving environmental issues.
  17. ESA and NASA are going to make a partnership in the environmental project. The first-ever partnership of its kind is based on observing Earth and environmental issues. This campaign will be based on observing the Earth from space with the help of satellite technology in order to save the environment on Earth. Such kind of stuff will be observed like coral reefs, glaciers, and other things that are in danger now.
  18. NASA is about to use Ingenuity, which has spent $ 80 million in development, to explore areas that a six-wheeled rover cannot reach, as well as to create 3D maps of the planet’s surface and solve other scientific problems. The purpose of the rover’s mission is to try to find traces of possible existence in the distant past of life on Mars.
  19. I also wanna say a few words about New Glenn. I like the idea of reusable rockets as it is a huge step towards the future and it is a good method of avoiding the increase of space junk. New Glenn is a fully reusable first stage rocket and it is designed for a minimum of 25 flights.
  20. The Blue Origin has started working on a project to develop a fully reusable upper stage for New Glenn, which may potentially use stainless steel propellant tanks. ..." https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/07 ... -projects/ Interesting fact that the new project by Blue Origin is called ``Jarvis``
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