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Covid Vaccines, "let's Listen to the Experts".


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This is what the new, solve all of our problems, Pfizer and other vaccines will do to you.

You will basically end up very sick, next time Covid or the cold comes your way, since your body tries to attack itself, instead of the virus.

And as they said, this is widely available, medical knowledge, or in other words, Do Not Blindly accept what politicians and sites tell you, do your own research, or suffer the consequences.




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Hi, Newbie here.

I apologize, this is not in scope of the discussion thread.

I have some experience with CoVid. My wife and I just had the virus. I was very sick, at home all of January. My wife did not show any major symtoms, aside from vocal hoarseness(sp?). I had all the symptoms aside from coughing, although my lungs hurt.  I was so sick that I could only stagger out of bed, walk a few feet and sit down to recover, to use the bathroom, refill water bottles, etc. Could not eat. Was like that for about 3 weeks. Friends of mine talked me into purchasing an online Drs CoVid Virus therapy kit, $750, which I bought. I did not adminster any of it to my wife, as she did not seem to be as sick me. The main medicine was hydrochloroquine, which I belived saved me, as when I started taking the meds, I started recovering. A week later, I was able to get out of bed, eat a little, and my beloved wife of 40 years, she was scootering around watching TV, getting snacks out of the fridge. Then suddenly she became lethargic, and was having difficulty swallowing. 

I paid an urgent care company to have a nurse come to my house to administer a so-called "Rapid Test", which revealed that my wife and I were CoVid negative, eg., not sick with CoVid.  I got a Z-Pack for both my wife and I, as I thought we were just sick with some unknown flu. My wife two days later, I called 911, the Los Angeles Fire Department emergency ambulance transported her to a major hospital where she was diagnosed with advanced stage CoVid.

Last night, while I was talking with her, just before administering another dose of morphine, she passed away at 3:17am, 2-10-2021.  CoVid paralyzed her throat muscles. She could not swallow anything. She died from dyhdration and starvation in a morphine induced coma, administered by me, provided by the Los Angeles health officials.


So you say what you want about the vaccines, I'll take my chances, as soon as I can get a shot. Rather than take another chance with CoVid.

It is a really nasty disease.

Wash your hands, wear that stupid mask, UV everything, stay away from people who hob-nob with with other people and then maybe, you won't get it.


sadly, plutronus


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The experts are being funded by the pharmaceutical companies who make billions off their vaccines. People like to complain about capitalism being a bad thing... But no one ever talks about this level of corruption. Capitalism isn't the problem, manipulating the free market is. 

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Makes perfect sense! :classic_huh:

This reminds me of my Mother wanting to see her doctor recently, and according to her clown doctor, (number three) she has to get a pole up her nose in the car, and have it sent off to the lab, and get a result in 24 hours, (SMS).

Since RAT tests are convenient quick and easy doctors don't use them anymore.

One week later no reply this clown show never ends.



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