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What the heck happened in France?

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Macron was able to win when he should not been able to win. And the leftists that had riots over him losing in the beginning are not rioting after he had won. Why do these scumbag politicians continue to listen to and support actual terrorists in their countries? France is looking more and more grim. They have been targeting Jewish people more and more. It is not safe for Jewish people to live in or even visit France anymore. It will get to a point where Christians get attacked openly too and it will be celebrating. 

What the heck happened to France man? Islam really has taken over hasn't it? 

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On 7/8/2024 at 9:56 AM, chrysostom said:

That is what I think. 

It does seem like they will need a revolution to solve it too which is not good. I know it is part of human history but the thought of people taking up arms and fighting each other in their own countries... It just is not good. I guess the "good" is what follows in these circumstances. 

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