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So Much For Climate Change

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I am afraid that the endless world ending, since the planet is heating up bender is over. :classic_happy:


Minus 52 in Kazakhstan, or cold enough to freeze animals to death, (and this video was filmed in 2018, or one of the hottest years on record, lol). :classic_laugh:

And Germany the pinnacle of Green, leftism, are looking like fools, since their religious artifacts are just that frozen crap, and actually needs coal and nuclear power to stop being frozen solid.

And just like our idiot premier in VIC/AU, has to buy electricity from other states/countries that still have some brain power left.

The US is in its coldest winter since the 1970's, is going to have its coldest Valentines Day, ever! I had the heater on last night, when it is supposed to be stickin hot.

And Arctic cold is driving this, when according to all of the BS, dribble from mass media, (including the peer reviewed Times, and others) Arctic air should be warm, since it is melting all of the ice, even though sea levels refuse to rise, (get an image from the 1800's to present day, and you will see no rise, (Google images)).


It must be becoming pretty obvious by now that the climate emergency is no better than proclaiming that the Earth is flat!

And the faithful need to admit that they were wrong, and pigheaded since they have continued to ignore our evidence that they were wrong, And stupid, brainwashed, and indoctrinated, goes without saying!

But l bet that some will say, "your evidence isn't my evidence" sure, freeze to death while telling yourself you are imagining it and you will have your answer!

And others will boast about their "critical thinking skills" while showing that they are completely mad in their reply's.

Nope, sorry no where left to hide and the train is at the bottom of the cliff, and is frozen solid, while the deranged, lemmings keep telling themselves that they are only imaging that it is cold.

This is a great day for individuals who can actually think critically!


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Remember all of the predictions 20 years ago that snow would not exist by 2020.

Record cold has been reported more and more, and wind and solar in these conditions are useless.

Which means if all countries used wind and solar to a large degree, then when a cold spell happens a good part of the population would freeze to death.

No, nice way of putting it.

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But wait there's more.

So apparently warm air from the Arctic, (it has to be 1dg in order to melt stuff) is coming down to the US and Europe to magically cause a minus 10 to 50 dg, cold drop.

Checkmate for the climate crazies, but this guy spells it out better.


We are all fed up with screaming children, and idiots parroting what other idiots have told them to say, the cult has ended!


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This is what Texas looks like after warm air from the Arctic, (remember it melts the ice and raises sea levels) hits this state.

And apparently Texans are freezing since the wind/solar crap is needed to get the oil and gas out of the ground.


This would be funny if people were not in freezing conditions, because of idiot politicians who cannot think rationally anymore.

So this is a taste of a 100% Carbon Neutral future globally, or when a cold spell happens, wind and solar are useless and rolling blackouts to minimize mass freezing and death counts occurs.

Mother Nature is giving the faithful a wake up call, and after their 50 year "the world ends every ten years" bender about ....time!


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And they need wind, (frozen) or solar, (covered with snow) to extract gas or crude oil, now reality hits the idiot politicians and scientists.

50% of Americans are affected by a cold spell, so where is the hot air from Articica then?

This would be pretty funny, if people were not suffering due to stupid peoples bad decisions.

But Mother Nature providing overwhelming evidence that the climate emergency is total BS, and wind, solar isn't reliable in wintertime, and showing all of these climate idiots, (Greta, DeCaprio, Biden, etc) that they are fools, is!


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Millions without power for a few days in bitterly cold weather, while wind turbines are frozen and solar covered with snow.

Yeah, anyone who listened to the d...headed scientists and politicians need to resign, and get a lobotomy.


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I could post more, but the formatting won't work in modern forums or the scale is too small, but these will do fine.

The first one is comparing Fort D, from 1859 to 2019, and yeah, no change.

But let's see what NASA says, (this is from their facts, ....site).


Doesn't get anymore unprecedented or apoloctyliptic than that.


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This pretty much spells out the latent, stupidity of the faithful, which won't give up the planet warming for anything or anyone.

Even though warm Arctic air, magically gets very cold when it hits US shores or Texas?

And if people don't wise up, then more will freeze to death, til they do.

The faithful need to be kicked out of positions of power and authority, they are a menace to themselves and others.


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About the only crisis is fanatics creating stupid scenaros, that makes things worse for a country, (l am referring to our idiot premier who is allowing another one of our power stations to be blown up in 6 years time, for no ....reason, other than he is a nutcase that needs to go).


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Well, Bidens UN, Cult fest went well...

I read in today's Financial Review, that Biden isn't happy with ScoMo's lack of stupidity in destroying our grid by 2030 and is going to impose a Carbon tax, on imports to punish us, (China is exempt).

About all our Prime Minister can do, is ramp up the stupid, and stall til 2025.

Or maybe we should listen to Bidens experts, children whose ancestors, know a lot about how to light a fire or build a hut out of cloth or mud?


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