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The Cure is Worse Than the Disease


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This is per all users worldwide, although some are country specific.


What is more ironic are the ones getting jabbed showing concern for the ones that haven't been yet, when come next flu season it is actually the reverse.

Healthy people don't get jabbed when they have a 99.8% of survival, or the common cold levels, it is unnecessary and crazy.

Sure hope that this guy isn't 100% accurate, but suffice to say l ain't going near it, and will keep away from the ones who do.



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So someone who has been jabbed and believes in the "you are protecting your family and the general public" ideal, may be causing damage to any pregnant woman they get too close to.

Ignore the 550k deaths from Covid, which has been falsely blown out, in the US, but pay attention to China avoiding the jabs, and using vitamin C, on its people with only 4,800 odd deaths, out of over a billion people.

And the jabs in India are driving the human created, pandemic.




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