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The Real Cost of Coronavirus.


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This is under black humor.

Or it is getting ugly here, with individuals sick of lockdowns, and Masks are fighting back, with most onlookers in Melbourne, booing them, (hard to confirm that).

We have been locked down for most of the last 6 months, and forced to wear masks, (which will become impractical and most likely dangerous in Summertime) with very little relief in a months time, and no relief for small to medium sized businesses.

Or if Coles/Safeways doesn't have it, we have to order it online, (and the postal service is delayed of course). And practically all other businesses are in order online and pickup only.

I will be ok, but suffice to say come the next election, there will be a landslide thumbs down towards Ceaser and his minions.




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Sorry, cannot shrink this video link, but suffice to say if you havn't had a swab up your nose, you are lucky.

I watched about 40 minutes of it, before it got into other things, but very powerful and it is backed up with Patent data, so this isn't tin foil hat, it is reality.

If people think that they can blindly trust their gov, then get your hands on a Covid Swab, go or run home and prove it for yourself.

I never got this as there was no need and it reeked of it being suspect, or sucking on a swab should be more than enough.



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