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Mars Curiosity Stealth Mission

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In this rock you can see the blue mountains in the background the rover, (green arrow) and several plants, (CP shows strong green to lime, although it was hard to get a green color on the one on the right of the rover, or probably another prickle).

But we know by now that Mars has a sunset like ours, and air pressures comparable to ours,....and NASA are liars.


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Thought that l should take a look at Perseverance today, but l am afraid it is the same old coverup, (left coverup, right true color).

The first one, with the pink, umbilical cord, is the most obvious, (you don't get the supposedly pink atmosphere, discoloring a few feet away, on a brand new rover.


And the rover is white, but the gullible will buy anything, apparently.

:classic_sleep: P....ed another billion away on a coverup, (the sky is blue, but a pink tinge magically is all over the rover, lol).

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Left, clear signs of recent rainfall, (wind doesn't do this, water pooling on sand does).

Right, plants on the horizon, (the red arrow one is the most appealing, since it has pink flowers up top, and is a classic prickle tree type shape).

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