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The Road to Hell, is Paved with Good, Intentions...


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Ok, thought that this might be a good thread, especially now.

Or this will cover, products that seemed wonderful, but turned out to be anything but.


Cures everything, but you can use it for cooking also...


And this was used in hospitals for a good ten years, which speaks volumes about doctors pushing something hard for its own sake.


Or maybe RDX, to stop those , hunger pains.


It is an explosive, but perfectly safe, for the whole family.



But Asbestos, must be safe?

Well, you can't beat smart and wise?


Now, this has to be safe.

After all, top scientists developed it?

The tv, advertisement said that if used correctly, it is perfectly safe for humans.

They are spraying it on children, that clinches it.

And this medical expert is eating it, it has to be safe?



Government endorsing a product and the chemical industry pushing it very hard.


And now we have present day, with governments pushing the vaccines very hard, as they see it as a way out, and also see nothing wrong with it, and just like the examples above, it can be used anywhere on virtually anyone and it's perfectly safe.


Actors are endorsing it, it must be safe then?


And just like the dead birds, red flags are appearing, with gov, and medical bodies trying to bury or dismiss it.

In the next few years, the jabbed will become increasingly aware, of what they have done.



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