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The Vaccine's Toxicity, (metals, parasites and nano-tech) can be completely removed in double jabbed...

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This is wonderful news for the double jabbed, not so much for the boosted.

And also bad news for these sicko elitists!

And also means they have lost, with Mass Media eventually cutting out their wall to wall BS, and owning up.


PS ignore the mosquito's being used to administer the vaccine, l have seen this fear porn before, or the elite's are not going to pull something like this, when after their fake jabs and mosquito zappers around their mansions aren't going to risk such a stupid ploy.

They occasionally try to scare the unjabbed so much that they will line up for the stuff, but just like the "the military will bash your door down and jab you at will, or cart you off to some camp and do so" was baseless garbage for the masses, this is also.

If you live in fear, then you don't think and just obey and do, but it is only fear, stay strong.



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Anytime someone needs to get vaccinated, I always tell them to run a detox protocol. There are several different ones and they mainly focus on the liver and kidneys. I think if you are healthy, and you actually supply what the body needs then the process will happen on its own but a lot of people aren't healthy enough for this which is a shame.

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