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Worse Lockdowns in the World


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Worse lockdowns in Australia and the world, or our Premier is clinically insane, or he is hell bent on destroying industry, (l won't spell it out, but he has blown up one of our power plants in the past).

The marches here will get worse and worse while this idiot plays his fiddle.

It is turning into the French Revolution here, and he will keep pushing his ideology until some Victorians snap, and ScoMo sends in the military to keep the piece.


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He let us cut our hair today, and this was in the afternoon, (ques where much bigger at 9.00 am).

And as you can see, we cannot sit anywhere, (kill thousands sitting down) nor go into a store, (98% are shut anyway).

We may see retail and coffee shop open by next Wednesday.


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Someone, (appreciate it) sent me this today.


From this source.


The PDF basically says that if l walk into a shopping centre, (odd's on) without a mask and a good reason, l can get fined and sent to prison.

Their death rates, (anyone knows if it is legit) is 5 times above ours, but locking someone in prison for letting their mask slip below their noses, is pretty silly, especially since they don't work.

I would think more will die of stress then the actual virus.


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Well another week of lockdowns again for my state, since 20 people have the Indian strain, and our idiot premiers, cannot do basic research online.

Our state is jab, happy or fanatical about it, even though all animal tests done since 2003, have failed for similar diseases.

I have a great computer game, and a Stock market success under my belt, but this is still going to be a chore.


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Have to update here, (for the usual reasons) or this is what we think of the dictators destroying our State, for this evil Delta strain that has killed a whopping two people in 7 months.

And why is Dan doing this, to drive us mad so we line up for the jab, and the Climate Emergency nonsense, and to say, "l got rid of Delta" even though he just made the lockdown so long, he has odd's on his favor that he can make his announcement when summer kicks in, and drives down cases on its own.

His idiot fan club may buy it, but most won't. He will lose the next election by a landslide, .....finally!


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