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Mandatory Vaccine.


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Read today that one expert, says that there is no justifiable reason to store the Pfizer vaccine at minus 70. Common sense would reason that below freezing point is enough, and this is ridiculous.

They are probably pushing excessively low temp's so if it goes pear shaped, (like the Polio vaccine did) then they could blame the people distributing or storing it.

This whole thing is a global s...storm in the making, and it won't end well.

Well Bill Gates will probably get over the trillion mark. :classic_ohmy:

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Fainting nurses, but that is fine it is safe.



Moore said that Americans need to be prepared for reports about the elderly dying “a day or two” after receiving the vaccine jab, adding that such deaths are a “normal occurrence” that may have nothing to do with the vaccine since such people “die frequently.”

“We would not at all be surprised to see, coincidentally, vaccination happening and then having someone pass away a short time after they receive a vaccine, not because it has anything to do with the vaccination but just because that’s the place where people at the end of their lives reside,” Moore said.

“One of the things we want to make sure people understand is that they should not be unnecessarily alarmed if there are reports, once we start vaccinating, of someone or multiple people dying within a day or two of their vaccination who are residents of a long-term care facility. That would be something we would expect, as a normal occurrence, because people die frequently in nursing homes,” Moore added.

The elderly dying a few days after the jab, is fine also, since they would have died anyway of something else, since they couldn't handle it.

And what happens if they lived for another 10 years and didn't die of Covid?

The above examples are what you would call, "red flags".


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Here is the fine print for the Pfizer vaccine.


It contains Chloride and phosphorous to name a few, and clearly says that it may not protect anyone from Covid.

This is after their 95% supposed protective rate after jab 2.


The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine may not protect everyone.

Mass media blindly says it is 95% effective and the manufacture says it may not work at all?

This is the same as masks, (side of the box clearly says it does not protect against Covid), but the blind only go with mass media recommendations and dodgy websites.


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And in AU, we have temporarily, or permanently banned it in WA, for the same reasons, and this is after the food and drug administration in our country approved it.

So politicians have been telling us it is very, safe and has overwhelming evidence it is such, but we get this??? :classic_ohmy:

And if this is dangerous then the Pfizer one is in doubt.

Golden rule never, ever blindly trust a politician or so called expert, since they may be blind to both sides, and have other motivations or just be plain stupid. Research it to death, and make a rational judgement.


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