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The Real Reason why they are Vaccinating Children


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Robert Kennedy Jr. is one of the men who have been silenced so much and I wonder why...

It makes sense. These vaccines are not designed for kids much less young adults but if they push for it, they won't be able to face legal charges when people finally realize how many people they have killed using them. I still think it was a move based on population control. 

The only people under the age of 30 who die from covid or any other type of virus like this are ones who are VERY sick already and the vaccine will not help them anyways, it will likely harm them if anything. 

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I heard about this recently myself and when I asked a family friend who is a lawyer to verify this, he looked into the legal side of things. He used a few medical lawsuits including the one Pfizer faced in 2009 I believe it was. The biggest in US history, possible the largest in the world, something like 2.4 billions dollars. Anyways, he said it seems to all check out according to laws that were changes in many countries pertaining to vaccination usage. 

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