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Why is Trump obsessed with the vaccines still?

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It is like he didn't get the credit he wanted for pushing through a vaccine that was no where near tested enough and is butthurt over it.

I don't see many of his supports even agreeing with the vaccine. Many have now regretted getting them if they did or are still firmly against them yet he continued to bang on about it being his greatest achievement. What if it comes to pass that this vaccine causes younger people to become completely infertile... Who do you think people will blame first? The doctors? Fauci? They will blame Trump since he wanted full credit. 

What a mess. 

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He still trusts the military complex. Trump did some good things while in office and was moving us in a better direction but he also did a lot of really stupid things. He was not prepared to think for himself during 2020 so he let a team of morons run things and his ego just wanted all the credit, good or bad. 

I don't know if this will cost him his next election run but I do think he needs to admit he was not 100% right in how he handled covid and move on from it.

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