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Dr John Campbell Does A 180 On Vaccination

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If you are familiar with this doctor, you will know he was very much in favor of the vaccine and wanted most people vaccinated. In the last two years, he has did more research and looking into the funding and everything else, and well... He is not for it anymore. 

What is crazy is that there is more and more evidence suggesting the vaccines have been "under production" since as early on as 2014 and they need a virus in order to push them on people. It was mostly for financial gain but some people have theories they tie into population control. This being a secondary desire for pushing them.

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I am already convinced this was primarily about money. I don't know if they intended on hurting and killing so many people but I really feel like this was all for money. Like they had this stuff sitting around and waited for the "perfect timing" to release vaccines. You mean to tell me they did this in under a year? BS - they had it ready and waiting. 

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