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Pfizer busted again...

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The same people that brought you the "miracle vaccine" also used American tax payer dollars to fund getting mice drunk, getting beagles high on cocaine, and injecting steroids into hamsters and making them fight. I wish this was a joke. This is the world we live in now. I hit my head on a brick wall every time someone says they trust these people. 

I guess some of this is old news but more light is being shed on it as of late. I certainly didn't hear about it until today. We live in a mad world.

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They broke news about the beagle stuff in 2021. But this was with the experiments of letting those insects eat them alive. I know a lot of people that turned on Fauci because of that. My own mother being one. She praised him like he was a saint until she saw him for what he was. I told her it is way worse than she will ever know. These people are sick in the head. None of this benefits us or the planet. 

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