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The Great Reset


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Apparently the UN, will try to push this nonsense in March.


Wait for the video to load.


Lisa Merrick-Lawless, Co-Founder of The Purpose Disruptors, commented: “The Great Reset is an invitation for the industry to use its creativity to reset its role in society. Our research showed that 77% of people (UK) thought it was the responsibility of the advertising industry to encourage people to maintain the positive environmental behaviours we experienced during lockdown. 

So we stay in lockdown with restricted travel, for the rest of our lives, for a f..whited balancing nature ideal.

Couldn't find this ad, but it shows the stupidity of this ideal. You are dept free and own no land, or your house or possessions, to save the planet, (a 12 year old ... kid can disprove that one within an hour online).

They honesty believe that people after enduring this ugly, oppressive way of life to embrace the Covid Green New Deal or Saving the Planet, (the planet has been ending every 10 years for the last 50) or the Great Reset, or Build Back Better crap, lol, Never!

And the silent masses will scream, (as they have already done so in my state) to f....off!

It will be interesting to watch them burn and go to hell.

:classic_ninja: Share this on social media, (this forum stands for truth, not this rubbish).



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