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Happy birthday Heath Ledger 04/04! Anti-antichrist Joker!

Matthew Mussolini

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Someone sent me a while back a Joker costume with face paint, because he knew I keep a Heath Ledger shrine, and he sent a picture of Heath Ledger with 666 on his forehead:


 Although I want nothing to do with the Antichrist, I do pray for a Spirit of the Anti-antichrist, who can win lovers of darkness, have many qualities of the Antichrist, be a type of Messiah, and steal 666, have his own beast of the Apocalypse and Babylon the Great system of Government and Religion, that is not bad, so I have a picture of Heath, representing to me, the Anti-antichrist, next to his Alternative for the whore of Babylon , is "the Virgin Babylon",  bride of the Anti-antichrist in the same sense as the Church is the bride of Christ.


One world government, the State, is a female spirit entity as well, for a person I write about frequently referred to the state of his Spiritual religious form of Government, being a female Sentient being, with a mind , heart, will of her own, who is wide awake, learns from her mistakes, learns from failed governments, and keeps resurrecting after she is crucified.


In the book of Revelation, the 666 Antichrist has a "whore of Babylon", who is a state that is a female sentient being.


The Anti-antichrist, I believe is a Kami, spirit, in Heaven, a Joker, who resembles the Antichrist, has many qualities of the Antichrist, and has a state who is a Babylon the Great, only the Anti-antichrist has a "Virgin Babylon the Great" instead of "Whore of Babylon" that encourages matrimony with the state instead of the whore of Babylon who wins the nations with fornication.


The Anti-antichrist seeks one world Government allied with Batman (God), one World Religion, but steal it from the Antichrist, using the Antichrist's knowledge, anointing, signs, wonders, strategies, but twisting and perverting everything the Antichrist does, so it turns into something compatible with Christ, and most Religions, so that God will bless it, because it is done in a way that attracts lovers of darkness and evil, but the evil demonic look to it to attract lovers of darkness to do deeds of charity and virtue, is redeemed and twisted back into something that God finds amusing, intriguing, entertaining, non-offensive, delightful, something God will form an alliance with, bless, and inspire, but that lovers of darkness can appreciate and delight in.  :)


This hopefully leads to a yin and yang Axis attachFull61855 around which the universe rotates, an alliance of darkness and light, working together to build the Empire of the Anti-antichrist on earth, where leaders filled with the Spirit of the Anti-antichrist reign in place of the Antichrist, the forces of darkness and light stop fighting and unite to create a more happy earth, relieve suffering, and earth is spared the depressing prophecies, tribulations, and mass-persecutions of the Antichrist and the Whore of Babylon, in the book of Revelation.


Scripture says that God can change his mind (which would mean he could change his mind about how the world ends), repent, and even bless people for doing things intrinsically sinful, like blessing Jacob for sin and theft and committing violence against God

Genesis 32:28 Then the man said, 'Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have fought with God and with humans and have overcome."


Mussolini the name means Jacob, both Jacob and Mussolini married a woman named Rachel, both supplanted more qualified people, both preferred mother over Father, were contenders, and acted very similar, as if one prefigured and overshadowed the other.


That is what the Joker Anti-antichrist does, he struggles with batman (God) in a way that God blesses, and like Jacob, he doesn't hate God, just struggles with , contends with God to make more grace flow to earth, save more souls, make people happy, offer a system of Religion that can reward lovers of darkness, that almighty God sanctions, finds intriguing, amusing, non-offensive, pleasing etc.  A Hollywood supervillain Darth Vader bad guy whom the almighty can appreciate who fights with God and wins, creating a New Celestial order in Heaven!


The destiny, anointing, office, one-world Government, and one world Religion is hopefully stolen from the Antichrist, as Jacob stole the destiny , blessing, anointing, and office from his more qualified twin Esau, the Father's favorite, and the stronger one of the two. Jacob was Rebecca's favorite, Esau was Isaac's favorite (and the powerful blessing had to come from Isaac) and Rebecca represents the women in Heaven, Jacob represents those devoted to the women in Heaven, who pray to them.


It was Rebecca's ideas, scheming, deception, and manipulation, that got Jacob to steal the blessing and destiny of Esau, so the New World order of the Anti-antichrist, is called "The New World Order of Rebecca", because the Anti-antichrist succeeds mainly through the scheming, manipulation, ideas, plans of the women in Heaven, and Divine femininity, as well as the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven!


Mussolini died feast of Saint Louis De Montfort, who said "The elect are Jacob", and he compared those who pray very much to the Blessed Virgin Mary or women in Heaven, are prefigured by Jacob.


Anyway, I consider the Spirit of the Anti-antichrist to also be one of many Joker Divine Supervillains!

attachFull61856 attachFull61857

Prayer to the Joker:


Happy birthday Heath Ledger! May all Angels, Saints, and Kami bless you to be the Divine Joker Kami, and may you be born a great Supernatural Supervillain God!


You decided when you made that movie, before hand, that you didn't just want to act as the Joker, but become the Joker. You are the Perpetual Eternal Joker in my eyes. May all of Heaven make you far more greater, powerful, intelligent, charismatic, and give you all the knowledge, charm, and gifts that Lucifer had as an Archangel before the fall, or whatever it is that you desire!


I don't think it is coincidence that I said 4 was the Joker's number, when Joker came out, then that same day googled you, to discover you were born 04/04.


Plus, Joker came out 10-4, and 10-4 is what officers say on radios to mean "I hear you, copy, affirmative". It was like you Heath, were giving me your 10-4. Saying you hear me.


Help myself and all people be the best versions of ourselves, lead all jokers and clowns in this circus side show of earth, to be the right kinds of jokers and clowns, using are dark sides, the right way, and for the greater good, that there may be Kings and Queens of Dark humor, inspired by God and Heaven, to win lovers of darkness, that they do good rather than evil.


You have been a good companion Heath, and last birthday of yours was Easter Sunday, when Sun Goddess of Shinto, Amaterasu Omikami, our Island girl got baptized, of the land of Nod, Island Archipelago East of Heaven! I'll never forget!


All of Heaven bless the Joker, and let batman (God) and all Jokers work together, where Batman supports and enables Joker, to make a better world, and delight both lovers of light, and lovers of darkness, binds them together like rods bound together to form one unbreakable Fasces, bind all nations, Religions, and people, into one thermonuclear family working for the same healthy goals and common altruistic good, one Holy Roman Empire of the Rising Sun, where society on earth connects to a greater society of Spirits, that they govern us and meddle in elections, deciding who gets elected, anointed, and inspired by the Kami, worldwide!


in Jesus name, in every Holy name I pray, Amen!


Heath Ledger, Eternal Joker Supervillain, rest in peace! smile.png attachFull61858

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