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Do you think dating apps are ruining relationships?


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The more I see and heard of them, the more I believe it. I am actually happy to not be dating. I am not sure I would be able to manage it these days. It almost seems like the dating scene has become something entirely different. People almost treat each other like they are disposable and very few people establish friendships before hopping into bed with each other. Some people call it "hook-up culture". It just can't be healthy physically or mentally to be living like this. Do you think dating apps are ruining relationships? 

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Porn originally ruined dating and relationships but even in spite of that, plenty of people still went on to get married and have fulfilling relationships. I think this will be the case here as well. The people who partake in this kind of lifestyle and dating will be the ones who struggle the most, same with porn users. People who choose not to partake will do just fine.

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