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Pentagon declares UFO increased sightings as "spies" or "flying trash"


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All over the US, there have been increased reports of UFO sightings and a lot of people were growing concerned over this because most of the media has just outright ignored it. Well, leave it to the American government to declare these sightings as "spies" or simply "flying trash".



There are several stories floating around, and of all days, on Halloween. I think this was intentional because they know a lot of people won't be paying attention to much news. 



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21 hours ago, YellowDragon said:

Wasn't it in 2020 when they admitted there are UFOs that they can't explain

Yeah they did and most people didn't even care or notice because of the pandemic. It was like they were trying to distract people or something or get them focusing on something else. Who knows at this point. All I know is the government, all governments around the world, they are filled with liars and snakes!

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