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Who is Nick Fuentes?


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I keep hearing about him all the sudden and the only things I know about him based on what people are saying or what I read is that he is a white supremacist, antisemitic, femboi lover. I never heard of him before this news on Kanye West and him going to some Trump dinner. Apparently he has a huge cult following of very disturbed people and he was "canceled" two years ago which seems to have made things worse. This is why I hate when the media and social platforms ban people like this. When you try to silence someone, you just end up making their followers grow in numbers and doubled-down on whatever bad ideas they have. If they are not breaking the laws and just saying stupid things, it seems senseless to ban them. 

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He had a YouTube channel where he became famous from basically throwing black and Jewish people under the bus. I didn't follow all of his nonsense so I don't remember all the details but he is basically every "ism" under the sun. The dude believe white people are a superior race above every other race and he never will apologize for holding those views nor view them as wrong. He is an insane person. 

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