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Twitter Data Release - This is crazy!


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On behalf of Twitter, a dude named Matt is leaking all the information from the scandals behind closed doors with Twitter.

It was so bad, even Jack Dorsey didn't know about the government interjection, likely because he would have said something. 

Both the Biden and Trump teams were suppressing and manipulating information but the Biden team appears to have had more say and control in things.

The US government went as far as to demand that Twitter silence and BAN James Woods. 

This is wild. Things are still unfolding. Post any updates you want here. I am going to keep an eye on this. 

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I have not even caught up with everything. It is crazy how much they were manipulating people. I can't say I am shocked. There is going to be another data dumb tonight and I feel like we are going to learn things we didn't even know about. Like most people had their suspicions or believed what was happening to already be the case, now they know for sure. But what about what we don't know!?

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On 12/6/2022 at 6:58 PM, Cosmic said:

Bit of an update. When that Matt guy was releasing the data, some FBI agents had to comb through it first, apparently, which is why it was delayed for a a few hours. Not sure how I feel about any of this anymore. 

The data leak they did today showcased how the FBI was behind most if not all of the censorship. I have to wonder how this will look to leaders in other countries knowing they were doing this to their own people. Imagine what they were lying to and doing to with other relations. 

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