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Raël Movement?


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So I saw this in one of the headlines and I had to ask if anyone has ever heard of this group.

I will post the article that mentioned them below with a quote from the top bit. I have never heard of these people and have never even seen the symbol before, not once in my life. When I saw what Kanye had posted on Twitter, I thought the same thing everyone else it. It was a swastika in the Star of David. 



Kanye West was kicked off Twitter on December 2 for posting a swastika inside a Star of David — but it turns out the image is actually the insignia for a UFO-worshiping cult and not necessarily the anti-Semitic symbol that it was widely read to be.

The group is the offbeat Raël Movement, which claims to have 50,000 members in 85 countries and is often described as a cult.

Raëlians, as they call themselves, maintain that “all life was created by the Elohim, who were extraterrestrials visiting earth from another planet,” Glen Carter, president of the British Raelian group, told Vice.



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Yeah, I heard of it. It is pretty much a religion that is pretending to not be a religion, while using common beliefs in regions but replacing everything with aliens. I think most if not all people who follow this believe that there is no singular God or plural gods/goddesses but rather aliens that have been mistaken as such.

My theory is that the concepts of all these gods and goddesses stems from demon worship (like Ancient Greek and Egyptian ones, i mean). But who really knows. I believe in a singular God and that is enough for me. Are there aliens? Well... technically, yes even if you don't believe in greens or grays. God is an alien and so are angels as both God and angels are not from this world. So there is that! 

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