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Plato's Metaphysics


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I never looked into this on a deeper scale but someone I talk to on another forum made a thread for it. I thought it might make for an interesting discussion here as well. 

The video he posted gives a basic yet easy to understand lesson on Plato's metaphysics in under 30 minutes.  

I have always come to the conclusion that a lot of Plato's work is just bargain bin eastern philosophy, but that is just me. 

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On 12/15/2022 at 6:41 PM, YellowDragon said:

I never dove deep into it but on a surface level, Plato's work is like "fluff" when it comes to philosophy. There are way better philosophers to dig deep into. It is interesting though to hear people make sense of it because a lot of it just speaks in circles. 

Yeah that is how I feel about it. I still think there are interesting points he has made. I just feel like people who base their entire framework around one man end up flawed. Anytime I see someone obsessed with Plato, they just tend to miss out on life so much.

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