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Could massive green houses be an alternative?


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I had thought about this for several years now. I think making use of huge green houses for farming on a larger scale would be better than taking more land and destroying more homes of wildlife. The idea is to put these giant green houses where not much wildlife is already, so think in colder settings or much hotter settings. We could control the temp and everything in side so it wouldn't be an issue for growing. And this would greatly reduce the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. 

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I like this idea but you have to consider how much it would cost to actually construct something like this far away enough to not bother wildlife. That is plumbing, electric, etc. that needs to be out in place and if we focus on cold zones, shipment will be made harder and would likely take longer. I think downsizing farms is better. Like in the US, instead of everyone getting most of their produce from Cali, every state has farms for their own and in cold zones, you have the larger greenhouses, like you mentioned. 

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