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The medical industry pushing trans treatment and operations on kids...


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So this has been a thing in the US that is causing more and more concern. I know it is happening in other places. These groups seem to be targeting children.

I looked into the medical industry a bit and found they were losing money in the last 10 or so years, likely because people are seeking out alternative health care and practices. So it seems like it would make sense to push this trans stuff on children as it would create "forever customers". When you fully transition, you go through a lot. Not just hormone replacement therapy you need to be on for life, but if you go through with any surgeries, there are high risks of infections and other problems. Not to mention these people are almost 100% sterile after so many months of hormone therapy. 

It seems like the reason it is being pushed is for population control and to make up costs they have been losing. More and more people wake up every year to the reality that modern medicine looks at you as a number, not an individual. 

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On 2/26/2023 at 12:33 PM, YellowDragon said:

It is all about profits and creating forever patients. The people that I know that go to the doctor all the time have the most health problems and are on the most medication. I had an old friend die at 34 years old who has been on medication since he was 17. The medication basically gave him cancer. 

I have been saying this for a while. I think the standard of medicine changed because people saw it as an opportunity to make billions off creating return patients. I am almost 1000% certain they already know the cure for cancer but bury it anytime someone gets close to it time and time again because that is one of their biggest money makers. 

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