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Are they trying to erase women or something?


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I have nothing against trans women. I have a trans woman who is a friend of mine and she is not a fan of what they have been doing the last few years in the US. From saying trans women are biological females, giving them women's awards, having them be idols and spokes people FOR women... Not to mention the sports issues. It seems like they are actively trying to erase women. That is just one side of it though.

I saw a study that was posted yesterday how some scientists successfully grew a baby mouse only using MALE cells. Then you have the increases with AI generated porn and the sex robots. I mean if men no longer need women for sex or procreation and they are constantly being told masculinity is a sickness... What will this future look like?

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There is a lot of weird things happening right now but it all seems to point to money and control. I don't think they "want to erase women" but rather know it is easier to control people when women are preoccupied with other things. The highest numbers of trans people are trans men but you would think it is trans women, it isn't the case. Marriage rates are at an all time low and more and more woman are opting to not have children. It is a big ol' mess.

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^ i was going to mention similar. 

The push for transgenderism to be completely normalized isn't about being "kind", if it were, it would be handled completely different. There is market value in making people believe they are trans and the medical industry can stand to make billions off them. 

That aside, I think there is more of an attack on men than women. I think they want to erase men, if anything but that is just me. 

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