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Prices are coming back down, but not fast enough!


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I noticed some things coming down in price. Meat came down a little bit which is great but pet food is still up there. Eggs have come down and have almost normalized. You could usually get a dozen basic eggs for $0.99 and right now they are about $2.39. They were $5.99 just last month. The eggs I buy were $11 for 18 and I had to stop buying them for a while. They are back down to $5.99 which is the normal price for them. They are free-range and pasture fed. I prefer eggs coming from happy, healthy chickens. 

Outside of meats and eggs, I have not noticed much differences. I usually spend around $80 a week (as of 2020) at the store and this past shop was $177. So things are still more than doubled overall. Interest rates in the housing market are still up. They went over 7% last month.

Are you noticing any changes where you are be it in the US or an other country?

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Some costs have gone down, others have gone up. I still find myself paying more overall than just a few months ago. I am starting to worry more about the economy fully going under since Putin is making deals with Xi and the middle east wants to do away with USD. It is not going to be pretty.

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