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Do you think HAARP is screwing with the weather?

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Some of the recent patterns, like in the last 30 or so years have seemed odd. Like the weather is changing too fast in one direction and then changing back quickly. Like it is being manipulated or something. I read about some conspiracies dealing with HAARP as well as other organizations saying how they are able to seed clouds and cause rain which most people know is possible but they do more than that. Do you think HAARP is screwing with the weather?

If they are... What will the consequences of their actions be? Have we already been experiencing them? 

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Well, I think people have been screwing with the weather since the 1960s. I am sure there were already mistakes and issues from them doing it. I don't know if it is or always was HAARP cause I know China has been doing this nonsense too. They made it so it didn't rain at the Olympics if I am not mistaken. 

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