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What is up with this Hunter Biden case?


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I am by no means a legal professional and know very little about the court system in this country but things don't seem to be adding up. He was meant to plead guilty and take a slap on the wrist but it seems like the judge was not having it and he and his lawyer therefore said not guilty. The deal was off the table then was back on the table but is now off the table. I guess they tried to hide some kind of immunity behind the agreement and the court found it??

What the heck is going on with this case?

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It seems like they tried to rig the system and got caught. I doubt Hunter or his father will face any sort of prison time for their crimes. The bar has been set so low for politicians in America that they could run over a person in the middle of a sunny day and people wouldn't care. 

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Bit of an update happened: 




Hunter Biden, United States President Joe Biden’s son, has been charged with nine counts of tax-related crimes over his alleged failure to pay $1.4m he owes to the government.

Biden is accused of failing to file and pay taxes, evading tax assessment, and making a false or fraudulent tax return while spending millions of dollars on “an extravagant lifestyle”, according to documents filed in a Los Angeles court on Thursday.


So I guess they are going after him for tax fraud but I know he is guilty of way more than just this. 


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