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This is disgusting and I want to bring attention to it


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On 11/9/2023 at 2:06 PM, Cosmic said:

Has there been any update yet on this? Like did they stop and reverse this action? 

Someone told me about it yesterday and I thought "This cannot be real!" but with how illogical our world governments are, I should not be surprised. 

I had to check it seems there was an update:



BREAKING NEWS #IndiGregory - Parents' appeal rejected and recourse to the Hague Convention for her transfer to Italy denied. The new deadline for Indi's basic life support withdrawal is set for Monday.

The obstinacy of the British judges in wanting to end the life of this little fighter, despite the willingness of the Bambino Gesù Hospital to take care of Indi, is simply outrageous.


So needless to say, this was pushed back. Surely something has to be done. This is ridiculous and insanely inhuman. 

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I think what may be happening is that some of the therapies suggested abroad might work yet they might be extremely expensive and so if the public get wind of a very expensive remedy the NHS won't be able to afford it. A very sad state of affairs.

At the moment following the slow death of actress Diana Rigg who wanted euthanasia but no-one could legally take her has generated a push for euthanasia to be allowed yet others are pushing back. 


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