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Captain America 4 was delayed until 2025 - Is this because of Sabra?


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A lot of people are wondering what is going on...


That was from a year ago to date.

The article talks about Sabra being offensive to Muslims and the stories being a reminder of a conflict from the '80s. 

The movie was basically done but got pushed back until 2025... I think it is because after what happened last month, they don't want her to be part of the film. I have a feeling a lot of hardcore Marvel fans and Jewish fans will be none to pleased about this if it ends up being the case.

The latest movie by them tanked. The Marvels. I would imagine this trend will just continue. 


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Oh it absolutely is because of this. 

People are torn in Hollywood over supporting Israel or Palestinians. They are taking heat from both sides over it and if they do remove her, the movie will tank. A lot of Jewish men and women are in Hollywood and the entertainment industry as well as cooperate press and generally owning corporations. This is why the sentiment has always been for Israel. 

I am against funding wars especially when our own country and people are hurting. It is a shame what happened and Israel has every right to retaliate the way they see fit but us other countries, we should NOT be involved. This makes me antisemitic though.  Even though American Jewish people are not the same as Israelite. 

I am just sick of the whole "protect the less WHITE group" that everyone pushes these days. That is all this is. Jews are being targeted now because the left views them as white now. 

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