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What did you think of the GTA 6 trailer?


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I don't know if anyone here plays those games. I played the last 2 of them, GTA 4 and 5. Never played the earlier titles. I just mainly enjoy playing through the story and then just interacting with the city. This one looks massive and they really did make it look like Miami. Even with the girls "humping" the cars lol

It isn't coming our until 2025 though which is a shame. I don't play much these days so I was looking forward to this game :(

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I mean... It was something. lol 

I still remember them saying they (Rockstar) cleaned up their studios and hired more women so I suspect this game will be "woke" like the rest. I am not going to get my hopes up for it. I will stick to the few games I enjoy and player older titles. 

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