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Christmas Plans?


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For those of you that celebrate, do you have any plans yet?

We do the same thing every year. We have a evening gathering on Christmas even. Eat some pizza, sausage, and just finger food. We do gifts around 9PM and then call it a night. Each year we go to someone else's house for that and this year it will be my oldest brother's. For Christmas we gather at my parents' house. Used to be my grandma's before she passed. Christmas is much smaller these days. Only a handful of us do anything and there aren't any young kids running around. 

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I will just be doing the same old same old. We do similar to your family. We started doing gifts on Christmas Eve when we kids became teens. It just made things easier the next morning for getting ready to go to my nana's. I am not sure who all will be around but our celebrations are very small now, usually only 9 or 10 of us.

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