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Will comedy save us?


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Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais both had recent specials on Netflix, both of which are taking jabs at all this identity politic stuff and it is beautiful. It is encouraging more and more people to stand up and say they are not okay with it anymore. We need more people like this to use their platforms and show these woke weirdos and queer marxists that we have had enough of their BS. George Carlin was right when he said years ago that these people need to be ignored not platformed. 

Do you think comedy will end up saving us from this? 

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It seems like stand-up in America has played a role of breaking down glass walls for people. Like people used to be arrested for swearing in public. I think people should not do that now, especially around kids... But to be arrested for it? 

So yeah, I think it will help normalize people not being afraid of these people that go around trying to cancel everyone and have fits every time something is said they don't agree with. People walked on eggs shells for far too long over these adult children. 

Did you see that younger woman that went viral for calling the LGBT+ "alphabet bullies" and mocking them. People are celebrating her right now. We need more people that are'nt afraid. 

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