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Epstein Island


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I am not sure if there is a thread for this yet but I thought it would be timely! Since all the news is dropping about it again. 

There is a lot going on and I feel like the latest drops dealing with Trump that completely contradict the court documents shows that we are going to have spinning narratives. Reports are saying that there is video evidence of certain individuals (Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, to name a few) that show them with underage girls. 

Hillary also had agents threaten a girl's life back in 2007/2008 because she wanted to run for president and the girl at the time was wanting to come forward about her sexual relations with Bill on the Island. OOF.

 They need to release the videos and the documents on this all. Everything needs to be brought to light and if Trump for some reason does end up guilty, he needs to pay too. 

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On 1/9/2024 at 2:54 PM, JRexx said:

They are saying there are videos of Trump now and I call BS cause if they did have them, they would have been released a long time ago. lol

No one is even talking about it anymore cause even people that hate him are saying the same thing. Cause no one trusts what happened with this island. We all just want the truth at this point and I doubt we will ever get it nor see these sick people pay for what they did. Child sex trafficking is modern slavery and it is mostly ignored by the people who have the power to end it. 

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