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Texas vs the US Government


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So the governor of Texas declared he is taking authority and securing the border. Several states have stated publicly they support what Texas is going or in Florida and Oklahoma's case, will directly support them with whatever they need. I believe there are 10 states so far backing them. If the Biden admin were to do something against them, it could easily lead to a civil war. 

Anyone worries about this?

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I worries lol

But seriously, I think this could be bad but I feel like it is some sort of "test" or a poke the bear scenario where they are trying to get Trump or supporters of him to slip up so the election will not include him. Like the border thing is part of them replacing their voter base that is a given but I feel like even some of these state leaders are in on it to get Trump out and to make sure people "outside the club" never get back in.

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If I had to guess, I don't think anything will happen. I mean in terms of civil war. I think they are trying to just get as many people in before the border does get "closed" again to ensure they are able to replace the "black vote" cause most black Americans are fed up with the democrats crap now and they lost a lot of support to Trump as well as just them not wanting to vote. 

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