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Justin Mohn - Mentally Ill or MK Ultra Psyop?


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I unfortunately saw the video on X. I only saw a small bit and did not understand what I was seeing and when I realized it I clicked away. 

I have seen worse (ISIS beheading a live man) but it don't make this easier. I am not sure if it is real or not because we live in an era of lies, deceptive, false flags, and psyops. 

I believe this WILL be used against Trump supporters and generally anyone that is Conservative or hates the left. They are already trying to force the hands of states to turn over "militia" groups to the feds which are protected in the constitution. All seems very strange.

Here is the story: 


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It is hard to tell. Like I don't trust the government or the media at all but we all know there are crazy people out there in the world like this, they just tend to be part of the rainbow cult 9 times out of 10 but that 1 our of 10 event happening does still happen. This may just be that case. A lot of people hate the government and hate people that work for them. So who knows.

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