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Putin says he will use nukes on the West...

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So the latest is now he is outwardly saying he will nuke the West if they do anything to interfere. The US and other countries already have been interfering though. 

And they are pushing to put Ukraine in NATO. I feel like the only solution would be for the US to remove itself from NATO. It is the biggest funder and puts the most spending into it. Let Ukraine in and the US can leave. I say that as someone that is angry at the fact that my own country is funding this pointless war... I know it would never make sense to do this. I am just sick of it all. 

Do you think anything will come from this or is it all talk?

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If anything is going to happen, we are not going to see nukes like in the movies. I don't even think we will see nukes at all. We will see bio-weapons and cyber attacks. Why would he want to destroy land? Why would any world leader want that? 

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I am not going to say he never would but the likely hood is very, very small. 

I almost feel like Putin and the world leaders are all in on this and it is a giant show. They are using this "war" to control the population and to shift money and power around and by keeping us in fear of "what if" they get away with it instead of asking questions...

Like why was Putin part of WEF prior to the Ukraine conflict if it started back in 2014 - only having removed him in 2021?

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