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Sweet Baby - Gamer Gate 2.0

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I have not been able to keep up with this mess. There is a lot so I will keep it short for anyone that doesn't know what this is or what is happening.

Several small DEI groups have infiltrated the video game development sector and are ruining video games for everyone. The media (mind virus) is backing them and standing up for them because "diversity is our strength"... I am making a joke about them being communists. 

Anyways, the lead of Sweet Baby basically said her mission was to erase all straight white male characters from gaming in the name of "diversity". Anytime you see that being thrown around, just know it means getting rid of white people. 

They got busted and several under the umbrella have been outed as narcissistic psychopaths. Targeted hate campaigns, doxxing, threats, manipulation, ect. are all how they "get their way". They even targeted a female gamer group and forced the charity to run bust. 

There are other groups like Sweet Baby that are openly racist and sexist but the gamers are finding out about it and putting devs on check. 

Here is a video that sums it all up:

Now I have to wonder why this is happening. Why we are seeing the destruction of all sectors of media right now. It seems to be a planned demolition. 

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I have not followed this much but I am aware of the basics. It just sounds like companies wanted an easy way to ensure DEI points in their companies so they hired communists and activists to lock in their points. Shame. I hope these companies lose millions if not millions for their mistake. 

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