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Plain of Jars

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The Plain of Jars is a unique archaeological site located in Laos, Southeast Asia. It's characterized by thousands of ancient stone jars scattered across the landscape, often grouped in clusters. These jars are typically made of stone and vary in size, with some reaching up to 10 feet in height and weighing several tons.

The exact purpose of the jars remains a mystery, but archaeologists believe they were created by an ancient civilization over 2,000 years ago, during the Iron Age. Theories about their purpose include their use as burial sites, storage vessels for food or water, or for some kind of ritualistic or religious ceremonies.

Do you have any theories as to what they are, why they were made, or even how they got in these locations? 

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I never looked too deep into this topic. I remember it being touched on in a few videos I watched but it never stuck out to me. 

I am assuming they were used for some sort of storage and they were made in place not actually moved around although if they were moved, they were likely rolled on their sides and managed by a number of people.

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