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  1. Study the video footage and this craft appears to be fighting the strong winds up there, and trying to keep its nose down, (genuine alien craft, create their own space/time field so there is no fighting). As well as it flying slowly and having what appears to be a cockpit at the tip, (or in other words this thing is big). This thing is partially transparent, and big, so either a mad scientist, doing trial runs, or, no, a gov, department wouldn't go to all that trouble to make it look cool. So more likely some bored millionaire, with a farm giving it a spin. There are three different ways l know of to create an anti-gravity affect, while MSM, mess about with flywheels and other distractions. Unlikely this could handle space, or this is more for show, (look at my cool UFO in my barn, kind of deal).
  2. https://newtube.app/user/ClickHere/D3B5BdI I will screen capture it for further analysis, but it clearly is one of ours.
  3. David Gates - Everything l Own, (l usually don't post live songs, but he does it so well, and dubbed versions aren't available so.)
  4. https://newtube.app/Believe_it/SATaBda And don't get tested either, or do your own research and trust that only.
  5. You belong to the City - Glenn Frey, (1995).
  6. Looks like a funny, sea shell, it isn't, (part of the rover). This image shows that the sand is darker underneath than on top, or wetter.
  7. And update to the first, post showing how it destroys blood cells in your blood, as l said, do not take this and show this to your idiot doctor if they want to jab you, or one of your family members.
  8. As l said, Dan Andrews locks us up for the Delta variant, which the UK study has reported as being no worse than the flu, and is destroying peoples business's for the flu. 40,000 have had enough, (l bet MSM won't say a word).
  9. I don't find many, good 90's videos, but here is one. Bruce Hornsby - The Range Across the River.
  10. By now you would be thinking, surely l couldn't find any more great lost hit songs, nope, here is another one. Jennifer Rush - Flames of Paradise, (and yes Elton John is in it). Great 80's, flashback video, and song.
  11. https://nojabforme.info/# This is the truth, not some, grinning, idiot, doctor on tv or radio with colored glasses.
  12. One good hit, Debbie Gibson - Only in my dreams.
  13. Midnight Cowboy - Harry Nilsson. Apparently from a movie. Classic.
  14. The shopping list, and schematic, (you can ask someone at the electrical shop, even though they will be scratching their heads). And how it looks. And how it performs. As you can see l am holding this up in the air and getting .05 volts. So 10, is .1 volt, 100, 1 volt, and so forth. 1,200 12 volts. 24,000 of these would power a house, free, forever, and since there are no moving parts, and redundancies could be factored in,, (build 25k) this could be very, low maintenance, the computer could handle, stitching if one failed. Sure you would need a paddock, and sure with metal poles in the ground this could be reduced to under 10k, but it works.
  15. https://rumble.com/vij5d5-pfizer-vp-the-thing-to-be-terrified-of-is-your-government.html There are highly credible experts behind this, not tin-foil, conspiracy nutters. And don't bother with Fact checking sites, they are houses build on sand.
  16. Our clown premier, is destroying peoples lives with his itchy trigger finger. Warning course language. I did quite well through this nightmare, but am pissed off, that people like this are being thrown under the bus. We should be managing the most vulnerable, and society should be completely open. And in Victoria, Au, we have had Zero, Covid deaths, (including the Delta one) this year. Our Premier is a climate emergency nutter, as is his team, and is destroying as many small business's as he can, to reduce CO2 and to keep getting the Greens Emergency Powers, even though it would make virtually no difference, and Australia is breaking cold records, everywhere. He also wants to make us 100% hydro, battery, solar and wind, dependent in 4 years time, or in other words, completely destroy our grid and economy, Melbourne is already destroyed, with rampant bike lines and bike areas everywhere as well as these, unnecessary knockdowns. Time will tell if our leader makes it through til the election, next year, but it is becoming the French Revolution here, with the elite stepping on top of his minions, til they crack.
  17. Time for an 80's commercial break. But this US ad, needs to be balanced with an AU one. Clever.
  18. The jabs are poison, do not take them under Any circumstances, and do not blindly listen to your doctor, if they say, "go ahead". https://www.bitchute.com/video/hYpV0w3M3QrL/ This is the followup, and they are dangerous, do not listen to BS, propaganda, saying, "protect your family" you are poisoning your family and yourself.
  19. Left one of these odd, plants, and right a sunset, (the dark things are rain bearing clouds).
  20. http://www.opensourcetruth.com/dr-reiner-fuellmich-begins-legal-litigation-on-the-covid-19-fraud-the-greatest-crime-against-humanity/ This is my favorite exert: No one discusses, Natural herd immunity, and all other alternatives to Covid, are either buried or made illegal, and all deaths over-reported, and all disabilities not mentioned nor deaths directly from the jab, (11k disabilities and over 300 direct deaths in AU) never mentioned. This whole thing is wall to wall with red flags, and l am still amazed at the uptake of this stuff. So big hitters are going after Pfizer and the other ones, so much for the tin-foil, conspiracy loonies.
  21. Steely Dan - Ricky don't lose that number. No original soundtrack audio, only live, so this from this 80's movie, was as close as l could get.
  22. The lefties want proof that National Geographic is nuts, here you go.
  23. This also covers, Nazi propaganda, which is unfortunately still relevant today.
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