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  1. Yello - Oh Yeah. Been in several 80's movies, The Secret of My Success, and Ferris Brewers Day Off. Billy Idol - White Wedding Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy.
  2. The dark areas are the side of the rover, but the sky behind that with the clouds, looks surprisingly like an Earth like sky, (even if l left the false color filter).
  3. Don't go near hospitals, if you are not vacced, The medical profession has reached a new level of pure evil, best to keep your vitamin D, C, Zink up, get a Ivermektun prescription, and pray. This certainly puts fools that say they know of people who don't believe in Covid, went to hospital and got slaughtered. They actually got murdered for the flu.
  4. https://thetruthaboutvaccines.com/biden-taskforce-starves-vax-refusers/ This was written before it got into power, but the law saying starve or jab, may be brought in soon. Biden isn't running the US, gov, medical hacks are. And l had to use GoGoDuck as the search engine to find this, since Google is now, just a propaganda machine, unless you are searching for, pencils then it is still good.
  5. A good 80's, movie with plenty cassette, tape decks, but not something l would buy. Several of the best songs from this movie are in the Best Songs thread.
  6. Finally, one point for our side, with more to come, no doubt. Biden keeps saying, "listen to the experts" let's see if he actually does now, or just paints the new Mu strain as the Bubonic plague and pushes it anyway?
  7. The hits don't stop here. Nick Straker Band (HD) A Walk In The Park Shakespears Sister 'You're History' XTC - Generals And Majors.
  8. And people actually trust this idiot?
  9. There you have it, a 25% increase in deaths from the fully vacced, (watch this now, who knows how long this will be available).
  10. Blancmange - Don't Tell Me (1984) Mai Tai - History (1985)
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