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  1. A rare treat today, Ono, who hitched up with one of the Beatles, had a music career, with one standout song. Ono - Hell in Paradise.
  2. The hits keep coming. Seals and Croft - Summer Breeze.
  3. https://abcnews.go.com/US/178-staffers-houston-methodist-hospital-suspended-complying-covid/story?id=78195532
  4. A sky of clouds, and not the dry ice nonsense, NASA comes up with, with its recent, one image, (since they landed Viking in 1977), showing clouds. The blue mountains in the distance is clearly visible, which requires, water vapor in the atmosphere.
  5. Fauci also said they are useless, then why ram something useless then?
  6. And Dear Enemy. Good life. Computer One.
  7. Another buried gem, from the 90's, which l usually don't do, but this is a standout. David Gray - Babylon.
  8. These are the clowns, we have running our state. And we have to grin and bear it, til late next year, to vote them out.
  9. Of course they crap on, but when you consider that l have found, water droplets on the previous rover, and wet soil at the same time, it is pretty obvious that these are rain clouds, and Mars is the second habitable world in our system. And l have seen rain clouds for years in reflective rocks, so it is great to see decent images of it for a change, even with the BS spin.
  10. Time for some Devo. Devo - Whip it Devo - Girl U Want And this forgotten gem, (Devo - Disco Dancer).
  11. One good track from this band. Pete Townshend-Rough boys.
  12. Well another week of lockdowns again for my state, since 20 people have the Indian strain, and our idiot premiers, cannot do basic research online. Our state is jab, happy or fanatical about it, even though all animal tests done since 2003, have failed for similar diseases. I have a great computer game, and a Stock market success under my belt, but this is still going to be a chore.
  13. https://play.acast.com/s/ladies-of-lifesite/what-you-need-to-know-about-covid-vaccine-shedding So someone who has been jabbed and believes in the "you are protecting your family and the general public" ideal, may be causing damage to any pregnant woman they get too close to. Ignore the 550 deaths from Covid, which has been falsely blown out, in the US, but pay attention to China avoiding the jabs, and using vitamin C, on its people with only 4,800 odd deaths, out of over a billion people. And the jabs in India are driving the human created, pandemic.
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