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  1. Tried somewhere different today, and considering it was a stinker, l had a Kinda Surprise type ice cream type dessert, and read my favorite, evil, Rupert Murdock r... Paper. Not a bad place, and in the courtyard of my local shopping center. Top left hand corner had an article about our "Australia loves and trusts" the ABC, although after they want to rename Australia Day, to Australia Day/Abbo Culling Day, for some unknown reason, most Australians now hate their guts.
  2. As l said elsewhere, some of their ideals are crazy.
  3. He brings in a law and then breaks it, America will be a smoldering, mess in 4 years time.
  4. This one grows on you, and this is probably one of his best, after doing a search. Classic.
  5. Made a start on Yonder, and a great game although hard to read text, (came out in 2017, or before the Switch lite appeared). With beautiful graphics and vast open world game play. In Zelda, (WiiU) distant objects will appear when close enough, a term they refer to as blocking; but this with a more powerful graphics card, much less, or distant animals don't disappear when far away, which add's to believably. Days are much shorter than Zelda, but the sunrises and sunsets in this game, phew. Enchanting is the best word for this game, and certainly worth hunting it down, (they
  6. Here are a few more of their hits. Back then we where discussing whether this was computer animated or not, (best in the world if it was) but later discovered that it was an actor, done up. Which also spawned a movie and tv series that bombed.
  7. This appears to be a group of tree's or small plants.
  8. https://newtube.app/TonyHeller/898I740 Biden is publically announcing that he cannot do anything to stop Covid, so shouldn't he be ditching masks then and just following Sweden?
  9. A safe drug that has been used for 40 years that has an obvious reduction in Covid deaths, and Big Pharma is white washing it, for the Experimental ones. It is all here in black and white, or if Biden actually listened to real scientists, he would be pushing this hard, and ditching the Pfizer RNA one, (unfortunately that goes for Trump as well). PS considering this is hosted by YouTube, and the last one got canned, (too many facts) best to watch this asap.
  10. Yeah empty streets for Bidens swear in day, l can feel the love.
  11. And this is why you never close a thread down, because you think it has run out of material! This 80's masterpiece stars Rik Mayall, (Young Ones, RIP) and is revolutionary for the 80's and even now, (well now bad music, with half naked woman dancing in a shower is what we usually get).
  12. Here is the fine print for the Pfizer vaccine. https://www.fda.gov/media/144414/download It contains Chloride and phosphorous to name a few, and clearly says that it may not protect anyone from Covid. This is after their 95% supposed protective rate after jab 2. Mass media blindly says it is 95% effective and the manufacture says it may not work at all? This is the same as masks, (side of the box clearly says it does not protect against Covid), but the blind only go with mass media recommendations and dodgy websites.
  13. The whole truth, not the stupid version that contradicts itself.
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