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  1. Facts. Swiss Billy Meier of theyfly dot com, has had over 1700 face to face chats, since 1943 with a group of human ets, here on a now completed 37,000 years mission. They have left us with 45,000 pages of data, some still not translated from German. Before you scream FRAUD, note that USAF Intel Lt. Col. W. Stevens and his team failed to debunk Meier after years of research. The investigation is here. ''YouTube. Contact: Billy Meier Documentary (1982)''. Would like some close-ups from only METERS away, instead of distant blurs? These were shot with a Ricoh camera onto Kodak film. Here's the analysis by a Maths. Prof. of a high speed craft landing in Meier's yard for a chat and photo shoot. This ship is on loan from these ets much higher tech friends, in the Twin Dal Universe. It gets here in a millionth of a second over a 500 light years distance, while their own craft take 7 hours. The analysis was based on reflections of trees and houses, in the 3 rows of highly polished spheres around the craft. Search. ''Analysis of The Wedding Cake UFO by Rhal Zahi'. Once you get through that data, and will ask WHY Meier? Here's the early contact with Sfaath,. an elder in charge of their Planet, Erra, and this sector, (he being aged close to 1000, their max lifespan and dying just a few years later), giving Meier his recorded initial briefing in the early 1940s. Search..'' A Billy Meier Wiki. The Future of Mankind. Sfaath explanations''.. and another rather lengthy chat, many years later, between Sfaath's son and Meier, of our humankind's 12 billion years history etc. . search on the site for contact251. No, not a nutter off the Meds, but a Rtd. Airline Check Capt., East African Airways, with multiple UFO/IFO sightings.
  2. For close-ups with taken with a Ricoh on 35mmKo film, that analyzed by a Maths Prof, whose analysisis then based on reflectionsn of trees and buildings on the 3 rows of shiny metal(?) spheres on the UFO, that landed in Meier's yard for a chat and photo shoot.. search..''Analysis of the Wedding Cake UFO by Rhal Zahi''.
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