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A very good book about authentic ET objects and their behaviors


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A very good book written by the then Department Chair of Physics, prof of physics for the University of Missouri, Harley Rutledge, titled, "Project Identification: The first scientific field study of UFOs".

Dr. Rutledge very thoroughly covers the topic of lens flare, which often creates optical artifacts misidentified as being unseen at time of photo, thought to be ET objects.  Then he describes his experience with his grad students during a UAP flap in their area, and the processes which he and his students performed in their field study of these enigmatic objects.

In his excellent book, he describes his discovery of pseudo-stars, UAP that position themselves over houses all night long, posing as night time stars, and also, a few of his personal experiences regarding 'orbs' or as I name these objects for my convenience, luminous-orbs.

There are essential two very prominent types of UAP that Humans are seeing, discs and disc-orbs which are discs observed in low light surrounded in a very high energy laminar coronal ensheathment which appears as a ball of light, and often misidentified as being an 'orb' and luminous-orbs, (nocturnal light phenomenon, corpse-candles, Marfa Lights, thousands of names throughout the centuries for these objects), which small self-luminous (day or night) spheres, ranging in size from a few milimeters up to around 1,5 meter. 

My primary UAP study interest regards all aspects of luminous-orbs.  The NEETS (Near Earth ET Studies) scientific community considers luminous-orbs to be a primary form of UAP exhibition. In mine and other investigators experience, luminous-orbs behave intelligently, are quasi-physical, can appear in dreams, are telepathic, and exhibit bi-location (info from the Moscow Institute for Advanced Studies, Vladimir Zharakov Ph.D.).   The luminous-orb I saw on my driveway in daylight was quasi-physical and appeared partially in my mind's eye, as well as visually. It communicated with me telepathically in a series of mini-visions.

I tracked down Dr. Rutledge and spoke with him numerously on the phone. He believed that luminous-orbs are the down in the neighborhood monitors, something like intelligent drones. Although the luminous-orb I saw on the driveway (I've had other contacts with these objects), I sensed the intelligence of the object telepathically, it could have been a remotely controlled object. Whatever these objects are, they are a major element of the ET presence here on Earth, in our mutual opinion.

Get the book, it is a fascinating read with many interesting observations written by a careful and thorough open minded scientist in his journey of ET investigation.



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