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How can God exist when something has to exist in order to create God...


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Been thinking about this recently with the only valid answer of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference.


Then, one day, a student who had been left to sweep up after a particularly unsuccessful party found himself reasoning in this way: "If such a machine is a virtual impossibility, it must have finite improbability. So all I have to do, in order to make one, is to work out how exactly improbable it is, feed that figure into the finite improbability generator, give it a fresh cup of really hot tea... and turn it on!"


Or if it is impossible for God to exist then our mindset of "something has to exist in order to create something" is flawed.

Or if absolutely nothing exists and absolutely nothing exists to create something  then the sheer act of it being impossible gives rise to it being possible!

And a hot cup of tea. :classic_laugh:

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1 hour ago, chrysostom said:

If something exists, it was created except for that one thing that started it all. 

Yes the one thing that created it all is impossible so the "impossible" term has to be fluidity or the word should be reclassified as "very unlikely" or "virtually impossible".

Einstein would flip over this conversation but he at least showed that infinity which is impossible wasn't we just didn't see it as a circle.

Easy to grasp someone walking forever in a circle than walking a straight line forever.




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