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HD Curiosity Panarama


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Found plenty of cool stuff in this, but be warned the large download won't work, or l have a fast laptop and it wouldn't open for me, but the middle range one worked, just, so these images have been taken from that resource and the one above, (sorry, cannot pinpoint the location, but these all came from the first panorama, in the link).


First is the Panorama, with the general locations in red, (l will enlarge it) then the distorted rover reflections of the landscape follow.

First is the landscape and a rare find or a sunset, which remarkably shows overwhelming evidence that Mars sunsets are Not blue, (the rover has no orange color).

Next one martian puddle.

Last two, residence road leading up to its entrance, and  a road or river.


First gives a better view of the general location, (bottom, left hand, corner shows the sunset one).

Second one down, l have removed the bad data, (part of the rover) to reveal a good estimation of what an actual Martian sunset looks like, (no all blue crap) or solid evidence that NASA is lying.

Third most likely a river, and last a closer look at a house, (this is too far away to be the rovers camera torrent).


Last one a martian puddle, (it is reflecting the sky and clouds back to us) and JPL blurr it...




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